no djoke: novak goes shirtless in vogue


Consider it the ultimate tennis bitch slap. Sure, Novak Djokovic is by far the hottest thing on the tennis circuit right now, but for Anna Wintour to go as far and shoot the world no. 2 for a spread on the mag’s website and a bikini shot worth two (three if you want to study hard) glances, is so … un-Federer.

Is Mirka seething? Well, we can’t quite know. But Djoko looks fantastic in the black swim trunks, seen above on the entrance of today and below in the image, which was taken by Norman Jean Roy. Roy has plenty of high-quality fashion accolades to his name, including Vanity Fair and Details alongside Vogue, of course. He took this well-known image of Lindsay Lohan for the cover of Vanity Fair.

So is Anna over Rog? Naw. We doubt it. But would he ever pose in a tiny black swimsuit like that? We sort of doubt. Below, another look at the bikini and after the cut, Djoko wears … clothes. The shoot took place in Miami during the Sony Ericsson Open.

TSF Vault: The shirtless chronicles | Wintour feature in the WSJ

While the write-up is expectedly-cheesy, it’s full of some good info. But our fave line? This parenthese-ed aside: Q. Who is the president of Serbia? A. Me neither. Vicki Woods wrote the piece, which dives into Djokovic’s life off the court and usually outlandish description of both his personality and his game. Why the hyperbole? Woods is a (London) Telegraph writer, so it just comes naturally.

(all images by norman jean roy via


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3 Responses to “no djoke: novak goes shirtless in vogue”

  1. chris Says:

    i didnt realize his thighs were so big.

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