andy roddick gets his own lacoste logo


Andy Roddick and Lacoste take their partnership to the next level by creating a signature collection specifically for their star mascot. (Note the logo/autograph on the lower-right corner of the tops pictured). The sportswear line will include polos, shorts, track pants and jackets, which Andy’ll wear exclusively while competing. The goods will be available for sale on July 1.

FYI, Andy did not play in this year’s French Open because of a shoulder injury.

More info: Full release after the cut…

For Fall/Winter 2011, LACOSTE gives its Andy Roddick line a new signature embroidered logo. Located at the bottom right of each polo and tracksuit jacket there is Andy’s autograph leading into a shadow of the tennis champion in mid serve. The line will be available at LACOSTE boutiques and beginning July 1, 2011. The Andy Roddick signature collection will include the following 7 styles, in a variety of colorways:

Short Sleeve Superdry Striped Polo, $88; Short Sleeve Superdry Engineered Striped Polo, $88; Full Zip Track Jacket, $165; Tennis Short, $85; Track Pant with Piping, $115; Sleeve Stripe Track Suit, $185; Color Block Track Suit, $185.

(Rome match photo by Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images; product images courtesy of Lacoste)


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