now hiring: the atp and wta (+ more!)


Need a job? There are two interesting job posts up right now — one each at the WTA and ATP sites. The ATP is looking for a Rankings & Prize Money Coordinator, a position that would fit well for any rankings-savvy tech geek who loves numbers, spreadsheets and is an Adobe Fireworks whiz. As for the WTA gig (located in St. Petersburg, Fla.), the tour is looking for a Creative Services Designer whose job is to “coordinat[e] creative deliverables.” Obviously you’ll have to be design-educated for this one, as the job requires heavy work in Adobe Creative Suite and a portfolio of work submitted with your application.

Ballpersons, not kids: The US Open is holding its annual tryout to be a ballperson at this year’s event. The tryout for members of the public happens this coming Thursday at 3 pm at the USTA National Tennis Center. Applicants must be at least 14 and able to work three weeks in the late summer (from the week of qualifying through the Open). Those hired are paid a hourly wage.

More USO jobs: There’s plenty to be had come late summer in NYC. Want to spend a few weeks out at Flushing? Might as well get hired for it. | Internship: Via craigslist, the USTA is looking for a seasonal intern to work with its Advanced Media Group. Like crunching numbers? Might be your thing…

(Image via supertobor on Flickr)



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