want: lacoste keychain


The debut of the Lacoste jewelry line, which we’d been eagerly awaiting since the announcement last July, hit the stores for Spring/Summer 2011. Note: the jewelry comes packaged in a pouch made from the same pique material as the the company’s signature L.12.12 polo.

And because I haven’t learned my lesson from owning that monogramouflage keychain — all but one of the dog tags have fallen off — I’m going back for seconds with this Lacoste charmer. (Our other choice? The “1212” cuff.)

Buy: Lacoste Club Charm, $53.99, lacoste.com. All the other goods are here.

Geek out: If you’re interested, the descriptions of the themes for their jewelry collection is after the cut…

This season’s line has five themes: the more sophisticated Women Club has square/round bangles crafted from resin and wood as well as long necklaces with crocodile charms and striped tennis-ball shaped pendants; Plein Ete is varying hues of pink as a seven-band bracelet, bangles, long necklaces, and bag and phone charms; New Wave goes blue and grey; Bloc Color is an homage in resin to the brand’s icons (polo shirts, sporty stripes) as brooch and bag and phone charms, while the number 1212 — referring to the L.12.12 polo — is featured on cuff (one of our faves!); and Everyday Essentials is a croc-themed line of charm necklaces/bracelets with resin on one side and metal on the other (reversible!).

(images via lacoste.com)


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