trophy watch: another rf tee from nike


Check out this Roger Federer tee being sold by Nike at their on-site U.S. Open booth. It wasn’t included in the preview they released, so I’m glad we ran across it!

Pop quiz: The images show Roger’s medal from the Olympics (albeit in doubles) along with 14 of his majors. He has 16 Slams in total; which ones did they leave out?

In a rush: Fed took care of things quickly against Juan Monaco in the fourth round of this year’s men’s singles event; between the late start (that Wozniacki/Kuznetsova took forever) and the threat of a rain delay, he wanted to finish ASAP. Roger only dropped three games against the Argentine and has booked a quarterfinal appointment with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the man who beat him in the final 8 of this year’s Wimbledon. (Draw: Men’s Singles)

(screengrab via ESPN)


4 Responses to “trophy watch: another rf tee from nike”

  1. Ryan T. Says:

    Want. Want. Want. Where is this available? It’s not on Nike’s website nor the US Open’s.

  2. Erwin Says:

    Ryan: If you know anyone who’s going to be on the grounds of the tournament, that’s probably the best way to get one…

  3. killervirgo Says:

    Looks like they left out a couple US Open trophies. 2007 when he was wearing all black, and 2005 us open???

  4. Colleen Says:

    is that the only way currently to get this t is to have someone on the grounds? seems ridiculous on the marketing end of things!

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