sunday survey: roger’s run done?


The final question? Yes, we’ve all been wondering this for almost three years now. Since Roger Federer lost in the Australian Open final to Rafael Nadal in 2009 and broke down in tears on the podium, there has been talk that the so-called GOAT was past him prime. And then came having kids. And turning 30. Queue the weekly retirement questions.

But  after yesterday’s meltdown — yes, it was a match that was Federer’s to win — the question can really be popped: Will Roger Federer ever win another major? Federer added to two abysmal and ultimately un-Federer-like stats yesterday with his loss to Djoko: he lost his second match ever when leading two sets to love (had done so for the first time ever at Wimbledon earlier this summer against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga), moving his record to 189-2 in his career and for the second straight year squandered match points in an Open semifinal. Your votes below.

(AP photo)


2 Responses to “sunday survey: roger’s run done?”

  1. Fan Reviews Says:

    I feel like Federer passed his prime when he lost to del potro in the US Open final, I am huge fan but its over..

  2. Hard Court Says:

    It isn’t going to be easy, but he has at least one more left in him. Players like Nadal and Djokovic will be a big hurdle for sure, but he still has the tools to beat them.

    He needs to be able play a solid couple of sets and protect his backhand with great movement to get past either of these guys. This whole us open he looked sharp, but fell a little short in the last sets against Djokovic. The way he was able to turn the match into a fast paced, low rally count shootout tells me he is still going to be serious grand slam contender for a while.

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