sunday survey: petra pushes for POTY


Reigning queen? Kvitova swept her last 10 matches of ’11. (AP photo)

Player of the year? With her triumph over the field in Istanbul this week, Petra Kvitova made a convincing push for winning the title of player of the year for the 2011 season. The Season Ending Championships are often called the “fifth slam” beyond the majors, and Petra is now the only woman to grab two out of those five tournaments. Sure, Miami is often also brought up in the same breath, but Petra beat Miami’s victor, Victoria Azarenka 7-5 4-6 6-3 to nab the SEC title, cementing herself as the cream of the WTA crop to end the season. Sure, there was the blip between Wimbledon and after the USO when the Czech 21 year old went 5-5, but she closed the year winning ten straight matches, including five over five of the best players on the planet. Can anyone edge her out for such an honor? Your picks for player of the year below.


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6 Responses to “sunday survey: petra pushes for POTY”

  1. Tudor Rickards Says:

    I voted for Perta. Not to keen on acronym POTY. How about T-POTY?

    Keep up good work in 2012

  2. Tudor Rickards Says:

    or using my editing facilities: I voted for Petra, and made ironic suggestion of T-POTY as new acronym assuming it will noit be confused wiuth any political movement…

  3. Ryan T. Says:

    Why is Serena included and not Kim Clijsters? I mean it’s moot since neither one of them deserve POTY honors, but if you’re going to include Serena, at least include Clijsters as well since she actually won a Grand Slam this year (her first non-US Open slam to boot).

  4. Maria Says:

    voted for Kvitova as well. very strong player. Wozniacki only got 2 votes in your poll O.O

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    […] three-set win over Victoria Azarenka in the final went a long way to cementing her — unofficially at least — as the player of the year in 2011. With the four Slams being split between four players and […]

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