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flashback: chang’s l.a. double

July 31, 2011

chang can’t hang, drops out as shuai peng’s coach

November 25, 2007

short balls: elena waves good-bye

November 2, 2010

nike (re)brands johnny mac

October 22, 2010

short balls: it never really ends

September 29, 2009

another reebok court victory pump reissue

December 13, 2007

reebok and alife keep going at it

November 29, 2007

fashion bits: another ‘free kolya’ shirt, fred perry + emma cook, reebok’s revival

November 21, 2007

short balls: ping pong in stilettos, masha up for vogue’s best dressed, glow-in-the-dark kicks, etc.

October 26, 2007

today’s further reading

April 26, 2007

bracketology: the men of flushing (and how they’ll fare)

August 27, 2011

for traveling pros, a tale of two approaches

June 19, 2011

strokin’: when tennis met music

March 23, 2011

argentina: yet another warm-up from topper

September 17, 2010

short balls: open hangover

September 15, 2010

double(s) duty: an interview with novelist nic brown

July 6, 2010

Kohlschreiber takes out Federer in staggering 3rd round upset…

June 23, 2009

delray beach’s volley girls

February 13, 2008

no more singles for arnaud, but will play doubles with llodra

January 14, 2008

aussie open: chris’ picks for the men’s draw

January 12, 2008