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public service announcement: tretorn nylite

March 20, 2009

shoes: adidas x tsf, cdg x tretorn, audrina x fila

February 23, 2009

shoes, shoes, and more shoes: tretorn

July 23, 2007

it’s a gas!: put some neon in your spring

March 28, 2011

on the 2nd day of giftmas: if the shoe fits

December 13, 2010

short balls: mac does the times, djoko the big screen and serena is no justine (!)

May 12, 2010

dry goods

February 27, 2010

(ot) in that olympic spirit

February 24, 2010

short balls: santoro wants to shine, the fall of cruella de villiers, and centre court’s ready to go!

June 18, 2008

bjorn borg: s/s ’06 ad campaign

August 7, 2007

fashion focus: fred perry fall ’07 shoes

August 3, 2007