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Tennis Served Fresh covers fashion, style, art, media and culture surrounding the worlds of tennis and sport. | Twitter@TSFtennis | Facebook: Tennis Served Fresh | Our friendly URL: TSFtennis.com

The TSF Family: Nick McCarvel, Editor

Nick McCarvel has been a tennis fan long since his days of playing the sport against a barn wall in his hometown of Helena, Montana, as a child. As Editor of TSF, Nick writes on a variety of topics, but especially enjoys WTA catfights, anything to do with Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick’s Twitter updates. He is a regular contributor to the pop culture and politics web site Powerwall and his tennis writing has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, ESPN The Magazine and Tennis View Magazine. He can be reached at nmccarvel at gmail.com. | Twitter@nickmccarvel

Erwin Ong, Founder

Erwin Ong started the TSF blog in 2007. He likes hearing from readers with tips, love, complaints, and feedback. Reach him by e-mail: erwin.c.ong at gmail.com. | Twitter: ruberdcky

Contributors: Troy Venechanos, Christopher Phillips, David Thorpe, Benjamin Snyder, Lindsay Sakraida and Jonathan Scott among others.

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“…excellent reading and definitely worth putting on your Excite MIX page…”
Excite UK – WebTwitcher, June 19th, 2007

“If you have passion for tennis and fashion, Tennis Served Fresh blog is a must read. It is stylish, clever and fun!”
TennisInfoBlog.com, October 8, 2007

“If I were to do it all over again, my blog would be devoted to monitoring the tattoos of professional men’s tennis players. Lucky for you, TennisServedFresh is on the case…”
Kenneth in the (212), May 7, 2007

“This is a tennis blog I’ve just discovered and I love it. So should you.”
Fagistan, May 15, 2007

“Great tennis blog.”
el-kashim, September 11, 2007

“For a complete rundown on the rest of the US Open fashion and other tennis news, Tennis Served Fresh is a must-read WordPress blog.”
The Public I, August 31, 2007

(mccarvel headshot by matthew murphy)

103 Responses to “About / Contact”

  1. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    I love your site! I have to include you in my blogroll.

  2. tennisplanet Says:

    Unique site. I like it. Good thinking.

  3. JimMITtennis Says:

    Wow!! Great stuff. Exceptionally clever. What a unique idea. Congratulations! I won’t miss an entry.

  4. JimMITtennis Says:

    Anyone have any statistics from the grass/clay exhibition? I’m better that the player on the grass side could only win 20% or less of the points. Anyone know?

  5. rob clemenz Says:

    I’m linking you to my site. This site is just too good. It’s addictive.

  6. butter Says:

    Definitely addictive! I visit about 5 times a day! lol…

  7. tennisfreak Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my site’s About. Keep the good work mate! Your site rules!! 😉

  8. eteraz Says:

    I thought you would find this website amusing:

    I Hate Roger Federer



  9. Nick Says:

    I’m loving this site…you always keep it ‘fresh’ and surprising!

  10. Diane Says:

    I have just discovered your site and I love it. Almost as good as playing tennis! Now I just have to look stylish while I’m doing it!

  11. Mr Backhand Says:

    Hi Erwin

    Great site and extremely stylish.


  12. Mr Backhand Says:

    Bye the way I bet you are glad Roger won again so we can see what next years Wimbledon outfit is going to be.


  13. Marija Says:

    You have a great site. The thing I like most about it is that your writing style and your site design are very dynamic and fresh. It really is unique. Keep up the good work.

  14. Louise Says:

    Great site… and thanks for the link and using our Monaco pics in your Trophy section this week :o)

    Keep up the good work!

  15. kevin zeng Says:

    Your blog is super.Thank you for providing thought-provoking topics.

  16. kgb1172 Says:

    Thanks for the message. I really enjoy your site. I love the little drama behind the scenes with tennis… fleshes out the people a little bit.

  17. love40mp Says:

    Great blog! I’ve visited many other tennis sites/blogs and you do serve tennis fresh! Love all the fashion stuff and insights. And I appreciate that you update frequently. Keep it up!

  18. ThePublicI Says:

    I’m a big tennis fan, and I feel I must add you to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind. Keep up the good work.

  19. Satya Says:

    just found your site. this is what i’ve been looking for! a tennis fashion blog.

  20. Vic O'Din Says:

    Is the McEnroe/Connors photo of any significance? Is there a story behind it or just some random shot?

  21. Erwin Says:

    Vic O’Din: it’s just a picture that appeared in the Daily Mail during their coverage of this year’s Wimbledon.

  22. matt olson Says:

    finally, i can start reading about tennis related stuff again.

    man i hope this is symbolic of things getting cool.

    nice job on hitting the mark.


  23. Nez Says:

    anyone find any pics on davenports first win in Bali?

  24. Maria Says:

    Incredible site! Probably like most of the readers (and yourselves), i have some kind of self-confessed tennis disorder where the world revolves around the tour and every other thought & breath is based on the game.
    I’ve been searching around for a tennis site which serves to tell the story of tennis in all its glorious aspects (especially players and fashions etc)… needless to say, its now in my ‘favourites’ folder… above the links to tennis-x and tennis-week; and slightly below the link to my sanity. =)

    i have a strong dislike for run-of-the-mill thinking and responses; and a dire love for all things cynical, satirical and sarcastic. i love frankness, honesty and straight out opinions without dodging/skirting the edges. i appreciate any thoughts people share, even if i don’t necessarily agree – because the world needs difference to stay interesting and uncommunist-like.
    I believe that tennis makes the world go round, and its people like kim clijsters who help it do so.
    i believe that sharapova and fed will continue effortlessly being in-style; and other players should give up trying to be stylishly something they’re not *cough, serena*. i also believe some players have to try a little harder to forego the cargos and t-shirt when showing off a trophy in NY.

    i wish all players could come with skill and personality – novak-like. and i have dearly missed clijsters, rafter, graf and 90’s hingis like crazy.

    so that ends my exam-induced procrastination rant/intro. i’ve added you to ‘myspace’… so “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.


  25. Ralf Reinecke Says:

    Bilder von einem Photoshooting mit der russischen Tennisspielerin Anna Chakvetadze (Weltrangliste Nr.5 US Open Finalistin)

    Exklusives Photoshooting mit Anna Chakvetadze:


  26. Patrik Says:

    Wonderful site.
    Your hard work and love of the game is apparent and greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  27. rc Says:

    cool blog

    check my blog too


  28. Anna Says:

    I love the overall style of this site. It combines two of my great passions — tennis and fashion, so automatically, it’s a must read. But the writing style is quite simply “fresh” and overall refreshing.

  29. PnC Says:

    Love the blog.

    Thanks for linking me!



  30. irina Says:

    I love your blog!!! one request: more DAVID FERRER!!! (can you find out why he wears 20 necklaces?) Thank you and Keep it up!!!

  31. Frederic Says:

    Daniela Krajnc meets Anna Chakvetadze

    Nice photo report:

  32. Nawin Says:


    My name is Nawin from Singapore. I am the author for the Regentville Tennis Blog http://www.regentville.com. It’s a personal tennis blog about my research and findings on tennis related issues.

    I have gone through your blog and I feel that it is a wonderful resource to the tennis blogging community. I have added a link to your blog on my website and I sincerely hope you will be able to do the same as well.

    Let’s hope to be able to grow the tennis community via tennis blogs together. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Best regards,

    Regentville Tennis Blog

  33. Rhoderiezl Says:

    Kewl blog. Crush ng bayan Andy Roddick? Pinoy ka! Yey mabuhay!

  34. Ralf Reinecke Says:

    Unusual tennis-website
    Daniela Krajnc meets Anna Chakvetadze


  35. Carla Says:

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  36. spittingtacks Says:

    Hah! I was just going onto the splash page of wordpress.com minding my own business and there’s your picture. I kept on promising to call after we ran into each other last time. Well. We should get coffee or a drink before Jeff and John’s next party. Peace, Bryan from Texas. Check out my blog, yo. http://www.spittingtacks.com

  37. pp2006 Says:

    Brilliant blog. I can’t believe the depth you go in discussing the fashions of the game. Bookmarked and checked daily.

  38. Svelte Rogue Says:

    wow, great site! i’m linking you to my site! 🙂

  39. mjweatherup Says:

    Hi there, I like your site. I’m putting you on my blog roll, please check out my tennis blog http://www.thetenniscentre.wordpress.com

  40. coolienne Says:

    Hi there,
    Just came here by chance, read your post about Justine and browsed your blog a bit. How I like it! Great job! tennis and fashion, Fashion and tennis. One is passion, another is …errr… passion too! Am not a fashionista though but will check here regularly.

    Enjoy the w-e!
    Regards from Madagascar

  41. J&Co Says:

    Hello Erwin,
    Great work, we will follow your updates. But just one question : Who’s the icon now, Roger or Rafa ?

    Julien, from Paris

  42. a little french girl Says:

    Your site is really great !
    I love to read your updates !
    That’s it ! 🙂
    BYE !
    I hope that I didn’t make a lot of mistake !

  43. hollister lowe Says:

    Great site! Any comments on the belted shorts Federer wore on his opening match against Hrbaty?

  44. Angelique Says:

    Hey contact

    I have a tattoo watch for you but I don’t know if I have to link it or not. I will just tell you where to look for it.

    It was a player (he looked like Willy Canas) who was playing the challenger event in Lugano this week. If you go to the gallery section page 3 you will see a player with a big tattoo on his back. He is getting treatment on his shoulder.

    To me the guy looks hot maybe it is Canas then.

  45. Chelsea Says:

    Hello Erwin,
    Saw your site in the home page… glad to find a fellow Roger fan here!
    RF’s still the best! 🙂


  46. Erwin Says:

    Go UST!

  47. Nancy "Nipper Jane" Says:

    I found your blog today and i relate to a lot of what you have here and so i will be back. I have added you to my blogroll and wondered if you would like to check out my sports art blog and do the same. Thanks “Nipper Jane”

  48. lynnx01 Says:

    I am linking you! 😀

  49. Kristopher Says:

    I can’t believe you guys…so slow. Sharapova’s US Open Dress is already out on Tennis Warehouse! Check it out!

  50. Kristopher Says:

    And when I mean US Open, I mean 2008 day and night dresses. Velvet seems like it would be uncomfortable…

  51. rowe Says:

    You should add Patty Snyder to your tattoo watch. She has one on her back shoulder. Got a photo of it … if you need.

  52. daranee Says:

    What are your thoughts on the Federer jersey for US Open 2008? I have to admit I hate Federer’s fashion sense with a passion and yet I’m okay with the jersey. I absolutely cringed watching him play with the tuxedo pants.

    The gillette commercial drives me crazy. I walk up and down my living room waving my arms when it comes on because I just can’t stand the fact that an athlete as talented as Roger is lathering up and shaving as if he was some two-bit actor. Ick.

  53. southernofficechairs Says:

    Great blog! I am a tennis-holic so this looks like a blog for me.
    I’ve added you to my blogroll. Hope that’s ok.

  54. Zach Says:

    hi Erwin, do you have any info about the Barricade V Shanghai special edition?

    I saw it on ShopAdidas.com a couple of days ago, but when I checked today, it disappeared completely…

  55. Erwin Says:

    Seems like the red ones are gone, but the black/gold ones are still around at holabird:

    I saw a red in size 10 (US) on ebay.co.uk, too. For that colorway, those secondhand sites are probably the way to go. Good luck!

  56. robin Says:

    is this a gay tennis site?

  57. Delinda Says:

    Been reading you for a while now and gotta say….where have you been lately? You never fail to make me laugh…hurry back soon.

  58. Emily Says:

    I have missed your blog too. Nothing since the Paris Masters and I will wait till a new post.

  59. CRAIG Says:

    Hi, Congrats for your fisrt year.
    ? NOvak was wearing a graph tee for his trophy ceremonie, do u know what was it?
    I’m surprised that you did not noticed it


  60. edgar Says:

    We really enjoy visiting your blog, its fun and trendy, and always current! Keeping coming off the hot iron… we love your stuff!


  61. Krsto Says:

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  62. jimMITtennis Says:

    OK .. no ‘skimpy’ clothes at Australian Open!!!


    The picture is of the ‘see through’ top that brought shame on the Hopman cup. One of the problems of being an old lech is that you can’t see through ‘see through’ tops.

  63. Tracy Says:

    This is one of my favorite blogs.
    What is better than tennis and fasion???!!!
    Always look forward to the postings

  64. Alex Says:

    what brand and style of underwear the tennis players wear.

  65. Karen Says:

    Longtime lover of your site! I’d love to do a link exchange!

  66. fla Says:

    ur site is very nice!!!
    I’m planning to start playing tennis…could u advice me a cool racket?? i’m female 1.80m tall beginners!
    ps. can’t find racket’s rank in any place in the web! maybe u could write a blog with tips n coolest racks for 2009…

  67. australian by l'alpina Says:

    seen australian by l’alpina on a website called microzine. emailed them and they have loadsa polos now but getting in track tops and a full italian federation davis cup tracksuit! don’t get why you don’t see many players wearing it!

  68. smriti jain Says:

    i think it’s a tennis blog

  69. Andrew Says:

    Awesome blog. 🙂

    Check out mine.


  70. Bradon Gokey Says:

    Hi Erwin,

    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you: http://tinyurl.com/sharebuttons

    Hope you find it helpful!


  71. Keith Grey Says:


    Please can you tell me where I can purchase a Le Coq Sportif t-shirt as worn by Starace against Murray in the French open.
    Pictures can be found at


  72. Torello Says:

    That?s going. Thanks for the 2 cents!
    Yet to happen to any of our 300 users as far as I am aware.
    That?s not how it works at all 😛 Read the tin and come back.
    Comments like this really get under my skin.
    Thanks for the tip. Will check it out.
    Looks like very good tool. I might use it for my work.
    I just love to download free music . cheers

  73. Norm Elrod Says:

    Hey–I run a blog about being unemployed. I just posted a piece about my afternoon at the US Open qualifiers last week. I thought you might appreciate it. Here’s the link…


    Feel free to link to it if you like. I hope you’re enjoying the tournament.


  74. Nick Says:

    Love the site! For this week’s poll though, I wish you had asked readers who they thought were the two ATP players under investigation for soliciting prostitutes in Stockholm. Those would have been some funny posts!

  75. Patchoi Says:

    Really good blog. Keep it up. Definitely one of the sites I will probably check at least once a week.

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  77. Dedric Says:

    I’m interested in tennis fashion and so I love this blog. It gives fun information on the players and their sponsors that can’t be found anywhere else.

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  81. Michele Says:

    thanks admin

  82. Bingo Haley Says:

    What a set of jobless, pathetic folk….. bla bla bla about the LEAST important things about sport.

  83. Jan Marten Says:

    Hey there!
    I really like your Tennis Blog.
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  84. Kim Says:

    Love your blog – just added it to my TennisFixation blogroll!

  85. Raul Gautier Says:

    Congratulations for your blog, check out my work on youtube by searching Roger Federer by Raul Gautier.

    I think you really like it!!

  86. elenasc Says:

    Love it! Great job!
    I love fashion and I love tennis…. you guys are gonna be on my blogroll!

  87. celeste malott Says:

    Two tennis events in the Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) are in October:

    The USTA Men’s Pro Tennis Championship of Calabasas in Calabasas, CA
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  88. Matt Says:

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  89. rackettec Says:

    great content, some wild stuff, you guys work hard,

  90. Mrs.Federer Says:

    i LOVE this blog, you guys definately need more recognition! keep up the fantastic work!! 🙂

  91. spotted in the city: caro’s all in and mlb fan cave « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] spottings don’t just happen in NYC. Have one? Send it to us. We love “fan” […]

  92. andrew fields Says:

    Unique and awesome site! i really have a great time viewing and reading your post. I find it really interesting and informative. Thank you and keep it up.

  93. Nick Weaver Says:

    Mr. McCarvel,
    My name is Nick Weaver and I am a marketing intern at SnagFilms.com. We have a great documentary on our site called “Unstrung” which follows 7 or 8 young tennis players during their amateur days on the junior circuit. The film takes place in 2005 and is a great behind-the-scenes look at the world of competitive tennis. It would be great, if you had interest in this film, to give it a mention or a review on your blogsite during the U.S. Open this upcoming August. A big part of the film is that the winner of the national tournament in kalamazoo, MI gets a automatic bid to the U.S Open which I think would be great for audiences to see around the time of the Open. Let me know what you think and thank you very much for your time. Here is a link for the film… http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/unstrung/

    Nick Weaver

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