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applause for airness

April 26, 2007

Sports clothier Airness continues with the pink theme for Nadia Petrova (this time playing on the Russian Fed Cup team vs. Spain):

and they chose to mix up Nikolay Davydenko‘s on-court outfit by moving away from white (see his Indian Wells garb here and here) — and to orange — as the dominant color.

“A” for effort, but the orange doesn’t quite work. CBHM would have preferred him in red, like below: (Take notes!)

Nikolay at the 2007 Australian, and at the Davis Cup Draw Ceremony earlier this month with Paul-Henri Mathieu.

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amelia island: pretty in pink (and purple)

April 8, 2007

bammer petrova ivanovic golovin

The Bausch & Lomb Championships at Amelia Island brought out the pinks and purples. From left to right: Sybille Bammer in Erima, Nadia Petrova in Airness, Ana Ivanovic in adidas, and Tatiana Golovin in Lacoste.

(All four made it to the semis, with Petrova beating Bammer and Golovin–in her bumblebee outfit–edging Ivanovic in three.)

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The Russian Dolled Up

March 15, 2007

In case you were wondering what Nikolay Davydenko‘s new AimessAirness clothes look like, here are some photos:

davydenko - airness - indian wells
Hitting with Mikhail Youzhny

nikolay davydenko - indian wells
Playing against Andy Murray

Now that he has a sponsorship, we’ll need to work on getting him NOT to button his polo shirts all the way…


davydenko’s endorsement with ‘aimess’

February 22, 2007


Poor thing. Even with the backing of tennis journalist JJon Wertheim, russian Nikolay Davydenko can’t get a media break (not that he really wants one). Jon wanted to give Nikolay his due with a version of the Tennis Mailbag devoted solely to this underappreciated top fiver. It took an extra week to get the issue up on the site, and even then, Jon effed up; Nikolay’s endorsement is with a brand called Airness, not Aimess. Yeah, that’s AIRNESS (incorrect) vs. AIMESS (correct). Even the most advanced copy editor could’ve missed that. (I had to do a few double-takes myself).

I only did some light googling to fact-check, so please write me if I’m going crazy (i.e., aimess actually exists).

more information about Airness here.

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