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neon matchables

August 30, 2011

Attention to detail. We had to tell this ball girl yesterday that we just loved her nails. Loved! While lots of the bright colors at this year’s USO are coming from full-fledged kits — particularly adidas — if you look closely, this gal took subtle brightness to another level, using neon yellow on her fingernails to go along with her Polo Ralph Lauren top. We dig it.

Neon-plosion. In fact, it’s actually very hard to tell just how bright a lot of these clothing items actually are. Rafael Nadal’s Nike is blindingly yellow, though both TV and still cameras dumb it down a little. The same goes for the tones of bright reds, pinks and oranges that adidas is experimenting with. Below: David Nalbandian.

As Nick noted in a tweet yesterday, Wilson is doing the same thing, though they are going more of the Nike route (accents) than adidas (full color blocking/in-your-face patterns).

Which do you prefer? Below, a good shot of the adidas kit that Sania Mirza had on today — similar to the bright number that Christina McHale rocked yesterday — both on the new Court 17.

And don’t forget that this all comes back to PRL, too. Their ball persons are in the same fashion game as the players. Anyone noticing a trend?!

(top image by TSF; others by getty images)


PRL’s ballperson outfits for this year’s wimbledon

June 17, 2011

Polo Ralph Lauren gives the 125th Wimbledon Championships a nod in their ballperson uniforms for the event, with a “125th” logo, an anniversy crest, and purple/green crosstripes on the polos. Browse: All the PRL Wimbledon items can be found here.

(images courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren)

this kid has no job (home?!) anymore

May 31, 2011

We know where you live (the streets). OK, so it’s not quite that dramatic, but this poor little fella isn’t thinking about how he pissed off Viktor Troicki — he’s thinking about how he won’t ever work Court Suzanne Lengglen again. How he might be out of a (summer) job. And how he probably doesn’t have a place to sleep tonight — or at least until some other ball-kid scandal pops up to make him forgettable. Oh, if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, see below.

But truthfully, Andy Murray should have volunteered the point. C’mon, Muzz. Where’s the sportmanship?

Result: Troicki won that game in the fifth set but blew a 5-2 lead, losing 6-4 6-4 3-6 2-6 5-7.

(screen grab via tennis channel)

ellesse on court

October 1, 2010

To those who geek out over this stuff, what the chair umps and ballgirls are wearing at this week’s Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo. By Ellesse, of course. (Under that track jacket is a polo in the same shade. On the chest is just the Ellesse logo with no fancy crest.)

More: Another few pics — including the ballgirl outfit — after the cut…

2010 us open ballperson’s polo

September 10, 2010

The ponies on the back of those Polo Ralph Lauren ballpersons’ uniforms continue to stay big and bold, with the difference for the 2010 US Open version being the yellow logo (vs. white). We here at TSF hoped that Nick would end up with the polo — since he tried out for a ballperson slot at this year’s tourney — but it’s a rigorous audition. You could sooner get a spot guest judging the Project Runway finale than you could being Roger‘s and Rafa‘s ball bitch.

Buy: US Open Custom-Fit Polo, $98,

More: Two shots of the polo — front and back — after the cut…

the ultimate in player consideration

June 10, 2009


Floating heads: The lines/ballfolks at this week’s AEGON Championships (aka the Queen’s Club tourney in London) are decked out in Fila blue, matching the backdrop and the furniture of this Wimbledon warmup.

Goings on: Top seed Andy Murray is through to the round of 16 after beating Andreas Seppi in the second round. (Up next is Gigi Lopez.) Meanwhile, a record is on the line with the next match between Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt; both have won this event four times in the last nine years — Hewitt in 2000-2002 and 2006; Roddick in 2003-2005 and 2007. Whoever wins that battle should end up in the finals and with a fifth Queen’s Club title.

And yes, we are saying that Murray will be in the final. (Maybe JC Ferrero?)

Browse: Tourney website here.

(image courtesy of Fila)

the boobs are back in madrid

October 14, 2008

Feminism? What’s that? The ladies of the Mutua Madrilena Masters Madrid are back for yet another seven days of bouncin’ and ball-retrievin’.

Thankfully, tourney organizers opted out of last year’s bejeweled tattoos (leave that for Mariah‘s back) and instead focused on more subtle accessories for these fashion models-cum-ballgirls: a muted slate tank top, a cute black mini-brim cap with a tie on the back, and a pair of bright silver Diadoras for some pop.

(photos by Getty Images)

ballkids in heaven

June 9, 2008

These guys weren’t paid for their two weeks of volunteer work at Roland Garros. They weren’t paid in euros, at least…

After winning the 2008 French Open ladies’ singles title (beating Dinara Safina 6-3, 6-4), it took a second for Ana Ivanovic to climb up the stands to get to her player’s box.

(photo by Getty Images)

bid for roddick’s banana!

December 4, 2007


I can’t say I knew this was going to happen. In the wake of Team USA’s win over Russia in the Davis Cup finals, an enterprising ballboy snagged a half-eaten banana from the trash and put it up on eBay.

Anything that has touched Andy Roddick‘s lips is worth at least $.99, I say. (Plus $8 in shipping.)

“The banana was taken from the players garbage it was eaten by Andy Roddick! yes the HOT ANDY RODDICK for all you female fans out there! I put it in with a picture of Davis Cup Ball Boy gear as proof of me being a ball boy! The Item is Sold AS IS, and returns are NOT ALLOWED. Please don’t bid if you are NOT a serious buyer and intend to not pay for the item.”

And in case the winner had plans to display this prized piece of Americana on their mantle, a clarification from the seller:


(Thanks for the tip, Randy!)

mishit: the ballgirls in madrid

October 17, 2007

With the WTA and ATP tour calendars jam-packed from January through December, it is sometimes hard for tournaments to make their mark (which is why I advocate a better array of trophies, at the least).

So TSF gives props to officials in Madrid for finding their own awesome schtick: train Boss models (read: top-notch, beautiful, fashion professionals) to work as ballfolk for a premier tour stop. This happened at last year’s Tennis Masters Series tourney and also at last year’s WTA Tour Championships. (There was even a big to-do about Maria Sharapova helping out with the selection process.)

boss models - madrid masters tennis - ballgirls

But someting happened between planning and execution this year because the girls showed up frumping around in pink dresses. And while black shoes might have worked at a less athletic event (worn correctly, pink bubble dress with black booties can work), they should NEVER be worn with light colors. The baby blue polo/skirt combo is alright.

boss models - madrid masters tennis - ballgirls

And what is going on with the beddazled tattoo? Am I watching The Real Housewives of Orange County?

So, to the organizers of the Mutua Madrilena Masters: go back to the drawing boards for next year’s event. Perhaps take inspiration from the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome. Need we remind you how they dressed their raccattapalle? Yep, that’s how it’s done.

What do you think of the ballgirls? Tell us!

(photos by Getty Images)

>> how do you say “ballgirl” in Italian?
>> in madrid, volandri in emporio armani

Kappa Tennis Cheering Squad Show!!!

September 14, 2007

They weren’t kidding: Above are photos from the China Open’s Kappa Tennis Cheering Squad Show — yep, that’s really what it’s called — which is a promotional tie-in with the current ATP stop in Beijing. Winners of the competition get sent to the final Beijing round of Miss World.

We’re lovin the mudflap girls on their outfits. Yay for reappropriation!

>> ralph lauren outfits the u.s. open ballboys
>> wimbledon’s linesmen’s outfits
>> how do you say “ballgirl” in italian?

how do you say “ballgirl” in italian?

May 16, 2007

Exploitation or not, these are great uniforms. The Romans sure know how to dress their raccattapalle.

What do you think? Leave us a comment here.

(photo by Antonio Constantini via the Internazionali d’Italia website)

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