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david beckham, andy murray among britain’s most powerful

November 6, 2007

david beckham-steven klein-arena magazine

British fashion rag Arena released its annual Power list in the December issue, naming David Beckham Britain’s most powerful man 40 years old or younger.

“Beckham has topped this year’s [list] because he is arguably the most recognisable Brit on the planet,” says editor Giles Hattersley. “David is our biggest sporting export and has inspired boys of all ages to become passionate about football — and fashion.”

david beckham-steven klein-arena

The youngest lad on the list is Scottish tennis player Andy Murray (39th). Now I would throw some money at a magazine that put Andy (concave chest and all) in shots like that. Wouldn’t you?

Others on the list are Prince Harry (fifth), actor Daniel Craig (10th), DJ Mark Ronson (18th), and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (25th).

Two more photos after the cut…


short balls: ping pong in stilettos, masha up for vogue’s best dressed, glow-in-the-dark kicks, etc.

October 26, 2007

reebok court victory pump - glow in the dark

Reebok reissue: Everything old is new again, and the Reebok shoes endorsed by Michael Chang isn’t immune. The company’s releasing the Court Victory Pump in a glow-in-the-dark colorway (see it in action). Available at atmos. (Hypebeast)

Paul Smith hits the slopes: UK designer Paul Smith has ventured into the sports world yet again (remember the soccer balls and cycling jerseys?), but alas he missed tennis yet again. This time, he’s partnered with Burton to come up with some stylish snow-friendly outerwear. (UrbanDaddy LA)

And speaking of soccer…: Nike flexes its world dominance muscle yet again with a takeover of the soccer-focused Umbro (via DTL)


Recycling: WATR dug up this cool wallet made from an old racquet cover.

Painted clothes: In the spirit of Mystique and Demi Moore, the members of Sisterhood — a rowing team based in the UK — have posed for a fundraising calendar as various athletes. The twist: their kits are painted directly on their naked bodies. A clothed Jamie Murray posed in one of the photos. (

djokovic - table tennis - stilettos

Stilettos and ping pong: Of course it would be Novak Djokovic who’d be hardcore playing ping pong at the Madrid Masters (look at that extension!). And of course he’d be the one playing against a girl wearing stilettos. (photo by

Andy Murray’s flickr page: By the way, the folks behind Andy‘s website are embracing Flickr and uploading vids onto YouTube. Here’s a pic of him right after a haircut that raised money for charity.

Masha still competes: But not on the court. Vogue puts Maria Sharapova in the running for 2007’s best-dressed. Other nominees include Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Chloe Sevigny, SJP, Gwyneth, some supermodels, and a smattering of socialites.

… while Roger makes another list: The World No. 1 ends up No. 4 in’s Top 49 Men of 2007. (Alas, there are no other tennis players on the list; AndyRoddick’s lost his mojo for good.) Like how we dreamed it, David Beckham is on top. (via DTL)

Why we love Karl: NYT‘s Stephen Holden writes up the new documentary on Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. The best quotes from the flick: “I love change; I’m attached to nothing”; “When I took on Chanel, it was a sleeping beauty — not even a beautiful one; she snored”; “Success nullifies; you have to do it again, and better.”

mishit: ‘dos gone awry on the atp tour

August 1, 2007


Down the Line! assesses the hairy mess plaguing men’s tennis and looks to David Beckham as a model for proper styling.

While I agree that certain men should stay away from grown-out ‘dos — either because they can’t keep it neat (e.g., Sergio Roitman) or because it’s just not flattering (e.g., the thin but not thinning hair of David Ferrer and Igor Andreev) — we should give props to the adventurous:

And yes, there is definitely room for more variety… what about a mohawk? The women do all sorts of crazy with their hair. Step up, guys! I’m dying to see it.

short balls: beckham ed. — david, victoria, adidas, serena, nadal

July 24, 2007


My obligatory Beckham post: You really can’t help being swept up in Beckhamania if you live in this city. Even without lifting a finger, I already know that David and Victoria like their CBTL (Austy…), drive a Lincoln Navigator, and can look good in anything (well, David at least. Above he’s wearing a red cardigan while dining at The Little Door on Third Street).


Tennis star at the party: Serena Williams attended the “Welcome to Los Angeles” party thrown by Tom Cruise and Will Smith for the Beckhams. It was held at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary space on Sunday night. Serena looked awesome in her jumpsuit but overdid it with those giant earrings. (WireImage via Quick’s Catch Up)

Using celebrity wisely: How nice, especially in light of the recent Michael Vick scandal, that Beckham has spoken out against (and will stop wearing) adidas soccer cleats made with kangaroo skin. The sports clothier is currently battling with the State of California, whose state laws bar sales of products made with certain wildlife species including these marsupials.

The L.A. Galaxy is also speaking out in favor of selling the kangaroo cleats. The franchise argues that California players will be at a disadvantage if they can’t play with these lightweight shoes. The Galaxy is right to fight, because their players — with all the Beckham madness — are distracted enough as it is. They’ll need all the help they can get. (LAT)

“Speaking of Michael Vick…”: Tennis Planet wants Rafael Nadal to stop being a Goody Two-Shoes already. Less stories about cooking hearty Italian meals and more stories about getting implicated in gambling rings.

For posterity’s sake: We’ve all seen it, but I just can’t get enough. Here are the photos from W magazine’s August ’07 cover story on the power couple (photographed by Steven Klein). It makes me want to eat whipped cream out of a can and hang out with lots of cats. (via Just Jared)

victoria_beckham_w_magazine_6_big.jpg becks-posh-w-magazine-10.jpg becks-posh-w-magazine-11.jpg

becks-posh-w-magazine-15.jpg posh-beck-w2.jpg posh-beck-w.jpg

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“oops” — Ralph Lauren got into trouble with their Wimbledon blazers

May 8, 2007

David and Victoria Beckham got PISSED when Ralph Lauren ran away with photos of Romeo (left) and Brooklyn Beckham (right).

The press release read: “Polo Ralph Lauren is pleased to announce that Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham wore the children’s Wimbledon blazer by Ralph Lauren to the christening of Geri Halliwell’s daughter Bluebell, 22nd April 07.”

It added, “Please note that these photos are not the property of Polo Ralph Lauren, for reference only”, and told of where to buy pictures.

Yikes. The Beckhams protect their children from the paparazzi, and they didn’t appreciate their kids being exploited, and at a private event at that.

After some backpedaling on the part of Ralph Lauren, a spokesperson for the company says the issue has been resolved (likely by showering the Beckhams with plenty of free clothes).

Hmmm. You folks behind all this are pretty smart. Way to keep the Wimbledon brand buzzing. First you announce equal pay for men’s and women’s winners (this, after decades of standing your ground to pay the men more). Then you make your 2007 total prize money the largest payout for a single sporting event. Then you ruffle the feathers of the UK power couple, who has been outed as having Wimbledon Ralph Lauren in their closet. Now those blazers are going to be the next Crocs.

(Oh yeah, Damian Hurley, Elizabeth‘s son, has been spotted with the blazer, too.)

via, photo via Just Jared

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on Carson, California

May 2, 2007

Re: the Roadmap, it’s good to see that the J.P. Morgan Chase L.A. Open — “the ultimate tennis celebration” — will be a featured SEWTA stop. Whodathunk that the Carson would get such a high profile? First they get an IKEA, then billionaire Phil Anschutz (of AEG) adds David Beckham to the roster for the L.A. Galaxy (a Major League Soccer team that calls Carson’s Home Depot Center home). Becks has made a mark, too, opening an American arm of his eponymous soccer training academy in the city.

All Carson needs is a swank restaurant or two, some good publicists, and it’s set. Who’s gonna step up? Perhaps Gyu-Kaku Torrance?

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