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k-swiss gets fish

December 30, 2007


Mardy Fish has switched clothing camps from adidas to K-Swiss.

This week he’s playing on the American team at the Hyundai Hopman Cup, partnering with Meghann Shaughnessy to win against the Indian team of Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna.

Mardy next faces the Czech team of Lucie Safarova and Tomas Berdych. He’ll be joined by original teammate Serena Williams, who delayed her appearance at the tournament because of a stomach virus. (See full schedule here.)

(photo via Getty Images)

>> k-swiss signs tommy haas and a new ad agency


k-swiss signs tommy haas and a new ad agency

December 28, 2007


From three-stripe to five-stripe: The pre-2008 moving and shaking continues with SoCal sports outfitter K-Swiss announcing a three-year partnership with German Tommy Haas beginning at the 2008 Australian Open.

Tommy will wear K-Swiss threads for his matches and make personal appearances on behalf of the brand. He’ll also assist in the design of future athletic collections, a task he looks forward to. “I am obviously excited about the performance tennis styles,” says Haas, “but [am] also eager to collaborate on off court opportunities as well.”

And K-Swiss, of course, is just as excited. Erik Vervloet, Director of Sports Marketing, adds, “Tommy will be an invaluable asset in showcasing our current product offerings and developing future styles. We look forward to working closely with him and are proud to have him representing K-Swiss in the upcoming Grand Slams.”

No longer Limited: This is a big jump for Tommy, who had been wallowing (at least stylistically) in his partnership with Limited Sports in recent years (he was with Nike before that); Limited had provided him with a lackluster collection only made interesting by the occasional monogrammed cap. As he told Tennis Week, he moves to the big leagues with K-Swiss and is excited to be involved with the company:

“K-Swiss is making a big jump within the last year promoting the brand with a lot of the athletes, like Anna Kournikova, appearing in magazines and television commercials. K-Swiss is known for their shoes, which are very good ones. […] I got to look at the new K-Swiss stuff for next year, the new technology they’re using in their tennis shoes, which is all very exciting stuff so I’m very happy to be a part of it.”

And while it was he got on board too late to give feedback about the Spring 2008 line, Tommy will definitely give notes for future collections. He tells Tennis Week, “They’re interested in your ideas so if you have a favorite color or the kind of quality of material you like to wear, they try to incorporate that.”

Sleeveless scandal: This K-Swiss collection will include a sleeveless top (pictured above), a style which the German was instrumental in bringing to popular tennis consciousness. In a widely documented to-do at the 2002 U.S. Open, Tommy walked onto the court for his first round match in a sleeveless shirt. Court officials deemed the attire inappropriate per Grand Slam rules, so he was asked to change. (Mind you, this is the same year Serena played her matches in a catsuit. The outfit obtained the necessary approvals, so it was okay to wear on court.)

And at that point, for better or for worse, the sleeveless shirt began its appearance on the ATP Tour. (Read more on Tommy’s reaction to the situation.)

New ads, new agency: Also part of Tommy’s agreement will be to appear in a global K-Swiss ad campaign debuting in February. It’ll feature the company’s other sponsored athletes, and will make rounds on TV, in print, on the web, and outdoor venues. The company has tapped Toth Brand Imaging out of Cambridge, Mass., to handle the campaign.

Cross your fingers: Here’s hoping the switch works. K-Swiss suffered a third quarter earnings drop to $12.8 million on $107 million in revenue compared to earnings of $21 million on $133 million in revenue for the same quarter in 2006.

(photo via Tennis Week and Newscom; additional reporting via Adweek, Tennis Week)

>> anna kournikova’s k-swiss campaign
>> a glance at k-swiss’ print ads

short balls: collaborations galore at lacoste, karlovic’s shorts, k-swiss, stella in the black, etc.

October 14, 2007

Stella’s in the black: Daily Mail reports that Stella McCartney‘s eponymous fashion label is in the black after five years of losses, boosted by a 50% rise in sales at its flagship store in the UK as well as two fragrance lines, and of course her adidas by Stella McCartney collection. But she shouldn’t breath easy yet: she has a long way to paying back the £15 million investment poured into her company by the Gucci Group.

Daily Racquet’s in the pink: Gear blog Daily Racquet has been supporting October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month by posting on all things pink and tennis. (via DTL)

These next four bits are from Hypebeast

lacoste michael young plastic polo

PETA-friendly crocodile skin at Lacoste: The minds of Lacoste and industrial designer Michael Young have come together to reinterpret the company’s trademark polo. They melded fabric and with a plastic ink which was then baked to create a blistering and texturized skin. The result: crocodile-esque scales on the Plastic Polo, and metallic scales on the Plastic Polo +. Like most amazing things in this world, the shirts have a limited run available at colette.

lacoste revan 3 collection croc

Fall Revan Collection: Speaking of stylish goods from Lacoste, they’ve released the Revan line as a part of their Fall 2007 Stealth collection. Our fave are the Revan 3 Crocs with crocodile print laser-etched over the entire shoe. Check out the rest of the collection here.

lacoste kid robot eboy peecool

Lacoste x Kid Robot x eBoy: Wait — there’s more! The Lacoste x Kid Robot collaboration goes to the next level with this line of PEECOOL figurines that go with each custom sneaker. Of course, each toy will wear a Lacoste polo.

>>TSF’s Lacoste archives

K-Swiss x Fake London: And West Valley-based tennis outfitter K-Swiss teams up with Fake London founder Desiree Mejer to produce a limited-edition sneaker with ginormous tongues and digital fingerprints on the right shoe.

K-Swiss x Anna: For curious Angelenos: those print ads with Anna Kournikova can now be seen at the huge Third Street billboards at The Grove.

>>TSF’s K-Swiss archives

Ivo’s in the record books: Sometime during Croat Ivo Karlovic‘s run in the Japan Open last week (where he made it all the way to the semis), he hit his 1,000th ace of the season, making him the fourth player (along with Goran Ivanisevic, Andy Roddick, and Pete Sampras) to hold this distinction. Give this 6’10”-ATPer a pat on the back — if you can reach it. (source)

Here’s another look at Ivo’s 6’10 shorts. (The logo refers to his height.) Thanks to Allen Clark of for providing TSF with the photo.

Table tennis transformation: The sport of table tennis — which is even less popular than tennis — attempts to up its fan base by outfitting their players in prettier uniforms. (China Daily)

(OT) Nixon: We are loving the Spring 2008 accessories collection from skate and surf specialist Nixon. (via Hypebeast)

fashion: more than just underwear…

August 15, 2007

I assure you I am capable of discussing things other than Djokovic‘s chones

Stay tuned for Borg and Fila: I’ll have my hands on pics from the Bjorn Borg spring/summer ’08 collection (that’s underwear AND swimwear) very soon. Also, word about Fila‘s new clothing line (one that’s even better than their Settantatre collection, I’ve been told) should pop up at any time. I’ll let you know when it does.

Kournikova’s next move: First, can we stop talking about Anna Kournikova‘s lack of singles titles already? She’s still an accomplished tennis player with TWO Grand Slam doubles titles under her belt.

Ads: The Russian starlet — who’s currently the tennis face of K-Swiss, poses in these print ads for the SoCal-based sporting goods company. I love the Fila-esque play on red, white, and blue. (via RightFielders)

A new clothing line: Kournikova announced at the Rogers Cup this week (she’s there playing an exhibition) that her K-Swiss yoga/tennis/gym collection — “it will basically be stuff that you can be in the gym in and then go to a coffee shop in” — will drop in 2008. I can’t wait to see all the muffin tops at my local Coffee Bean!!! (via DTL)

Vintage vision: The folks at Nike continue to raid their archives for this season’s looks, and DTL continues to obsess.

My next mission: Former Vogue Hommes International EIC Bruno Danto is hard at work to bring his Sport & Style magazine to New York. The book, currently distributed in France, Dubai, and China, is “a lifestyle title that harmoniously blends fashion with athletics.” If someone sees an issue, please let me know. (via DTL)

Racqonteur’s dirty work: Editrix (and tennis fan) Anna Wintour gives the sport its fair share of ink in the September issue of Vogue. Sister (brother?) publication Men’s Vogue does the same. (Racqonteur)

Speaking of magazines: Portfolio, Condé Nast’s new business mag, profiles François-Henri Pinault aka Salma Hayek’s baby daddy and the newest owner of Puma. Also, as head of the Gucci Group, Pinault rocked the fashion world by booting Tom Ford from Gucci and proved naysayers wrong by growing that brand (along with YSL and Bottega Venetta) even without a celebrity designer.

I don’t know about you, but the Portfolio website reminds me of Monocle‘s.

short balls: james blake splits with prince, tennis in india, geeking out over k-swiss, etc.

May 24, 2007

More bumps on Blake’s road: Prince and James Blake have parted sponsorship ways. The culprit? Blake couldn’t get used to the company’s racquet technology. The interesting twist: instead of keeping this mum and having Blake fulfill his contract (easily remedied by stenciling Prince’s logo on the strings of Blake’s Dunlop racquets), they decided to scrap the whole thing. (via CNBC)

China makes Macao a player: The Venetian Hotel‘s outpost in this Chinese island will host an exhibition match between Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. The only other time they played on a world stage was at Wimbledon in 2001. Federer beat Sampras in that five-set, fourth round match. (via Earth Times)

davydenko-red.jpgDavydenko wants Austria: mentions that Nikolay Davydenko has decided to leave his hassle-ridden Russian passport (and not-so-ideal training facilities) in exchange for calling Austria home. If this goes through, rest assured that he will still look good while playing Davis Cup: Austria’s flag is two-thirds red (a flattering color on him).

Breeding an Indian Grand Slam champ: Mahesh Bhupathi hopes to have a contender in the field by 2018 through the Apollo Tennis Initiative. (via India Times) doles out racquet advice: With the help of American pro Brian Vahaly, the fashion site lists pointers on how to pick the right stick.

Table tennis wants in: Who’s to say the sport can’t have it’s own Danica Patrick, Anna Kournikova, or Natalie Gulbis? We’ll see how they do trying to make ping pong more palatable to the masses. (via ITTF)

What are the bookies thinking?: Read this story about how the odds are shaping up for Roland Garros. (via the Herald Sun)

Geeking out over K-Swiss: Here’s a look into the performance of the company who’s banking on Kournikova to turn their ship around. (via Seeking Alpha)

Anna Kournikova’s K-swiss campaign

April 4, 2007


K-Swiss is banking on the face that launched a thousand Google searches to help revive its brand. And as scheduled, the company started its Anna Kournikova campaign. Here’s the commercial.

While the ad itself left me unimpressed — there’s nothing memorable about the action scenes, the CG, the Rocco De Luca & the Burden single — I must say that the SI-18 Rannells featured in the ad were awesome.

SI-18 Rannell - K Swiss

You might know that I’m a sucker for K-Swiss’ signature diagonal stripes, so I usually sing praise for their products anyway. In this case, though, there’s good reason for kudos. Much like how adidas decked out Ivanovic‘s shoes in Swarovski, and Puma put Guillermo Vilas‘ mug on the tongues of the GV series line, K-Swiss paid attention to detail and embroidered the flags of all Grand Slam host countries on the back of the shoes.

SI-18 Rannell - K Swiss-C SI-18 Rannell - K Swiss-B

What a fitting release in time for the upcoming Fed Cup and Davis Cup ties. Flags on shirts AND shoes. Brilliant!

(Also, trivia question of the day: Name four countries whose flags only use red, white, AND blue.)

Meanwhile, the Ascendor SL T — Anna’s shoe — was shockingly uninspired. But potentially cute if in the powderblue colorway.

>> more anna

more anna

February 23, 2007

Anna Kournikova - from the Grand Haven Tribune

Ok, so I’ve just been living under a cave, perhaps, because who knew that Anna Kournikova still makes the news regularly! And not for stupid things like dying in the Bahamas or grabbing clippers from a hairdresser and then shaving her own head. She’s in the news for raising money and awareness for good causes, and for smart business decisions.


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