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miami heats up: more players party photos

March 24, 2007

As I was falling asleep from looking at Andy Roddick at the Sony Ericsson players party, I mustered enough energy to gather everyone else’s pics. They showed up manicured, primped, and ready to kick off their week in Miami.

(If you are interested in joining a discussion about the photos from the party, you can do so at this WTA World page.)

Let’s start off with Venus and Serena Williams, looking elegant in their black (and white) dresses.

venus and serena - sony ericsson players party

More photos: Hantuchova, Jankovic, etc.


then and now

March 8, 2007

venus in memphis hingis in indian wells

More reading, about what a decade of being on the road (and on the court) will do to aloof teenagers. Hingis, petulant and precocious, did her share of feather-ruffling during her days of dominance. Now, she’s back from retirement — calmer, engaged to Radek Stepanek, and equipped with a newfound appreciation for the sport. And she’s the current default example of how to win if you can’t blow someone off the court. (via The Desert Sun)

And Venus Williams, once estranged from the rest of the tour (perhaps because she didn’t need anyone else besides Serena, or because she’s a Jehovah’s Witness, or because she’s black), has join the ranks of great tennis ambassadors. (via The Age)

hingis conquers fear + how she views the competition

March 5, 2007

Martina, on fear, in an interview with Sue Mott in the Telegraph:

“What stopped me was one thing. Fear. A fear of coming back and losing. Disappointment. Everything was being put on the spot. My name, my reputation. Plus I had been very frustrated with injuries. I had two operations on my heels. For the first few months of retirement, it was wonderful. No stress, no hassle, no travel. I just picked things I wanted to do.

I’m glad she got over all that. She made a good decision to fill the void left by the injured Big Babes. Don’t be too courageous, though, Ms. Hingis. There are some things in life that we still need to fear. Like the outfit they made you wear to promote Dubai.

hingis playing polo in dubai

Not even the appearance fee check you cashed should have let you wear that.

And here’s her take on the lifeblood of women’s tennis:

(C)ompetition, rivalry, is the lifeblood of women’s tennis. “Oh yes, I always want to have revenge when I lose. I don’t like losing to players twice in a row. I don’t see the players as enemies. I never really hated anybody, but I just hate the idea of losing. You can’t think about how you hate the other person, because you have to concentrate on yourself, the right thing to do to win the right point. You think: ‘What do I have to do to make the other person break down’.” It is a ruthless business. Friendships are rare. “Maybe you have to be a little bit aloof. But I think there’s more to life than being bitchy.”

Is this how most of the Tour thinks? Is Miss Congeniality Kim Clijsters really the anomaly?

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