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(OT) get a whiff of wiffle gear from no mas

June 24, 2010

Every sport needs its uniform, and wiffle ball is no exception. No Mas has restocked its line of Wiffle tees and come out with a pair of ten-ball shorts and three snap back hats (made in conjuction with Starter) — all to get you properly outfitted for some perforated plastic ball fun.

In case you need swayin’ you can enter the code “WIFFLE” at checkout to get 25% off on the goods. You’re welcome!

(image via No Mas NYC)


fashion short balls: no mas finishes Starters, lanvin sneaks, and a japanese riot

December 23, 2008


Finishing what they Starter: Earlier this month, NO MAS mastermind Chris Isenberg, the guy who revived Bjorn Borg‘s logo, released his latest collaboration: a limited run of duffel bags created with fashion phenoms Dee and Ricky Jackson (read up). The duo played around with a few of Isenberg’s vintage Starter Jackets, turning them into bags and using the snaps as closures and the trim as the bag’s lining. Isenberg fell in love with the samples and gave over his whole trove of 250 jackets. Each bag will come with a special “Finisher” tag (get it?) and will be hand-signed and numbered by the twins. Buy: Contact NO MAS directly to purchase.


Lanvin’s latest: The man behind Lanvin‘s menswear design, Lucas Ossendrijver, continues to play with traditional lowcut tennis sneakers, following up iterations of satin and suede uppers with this latest nylon version — available in black and grey colorways. Grab yours for an economy-resuscitating $570 at aloharag. (via hypebeast)

Not enough? If Lanvin shoes alone aren’t pimp enough, maybe add some bling?


(OT) A new riot: I love the Hollywood Boulevard store Lallure for a few reasons: first, they’re open ’til 2 am on most days, taking care of my drunk shopping fix; second, they carry some awesome clothes like JOYRICH, Dim Mak, and NIR, which stands for Nu Ideal Riot. This third brand is a Japanese import brought over by Lallure owner Maki Asako that currently focuses on slim-cut outerwear: cardigans, military jackets, hoodies, all with subtle accents like off-center zippers and striped linings. Drop by Lallure or purchase from this e-shop.

BJ: a cross between Humphrey Bogart, a Swedish Porn Star, and a lazy, talented leopard

August 6, 2008

Those BJ shirts from No Mas that we wrote about a few months ago are now for sale (we saw one walking around The Scabbey a few Sundays ago…).

In case you hadn’t seen this logo before, it isn’t a new design by No Mas’ Chris Isenberg. In fact, it appears on Borg-branded goods that sold back in the day (including this racquet).

Buy: No Mas BJ shirts available at, $40.

(images courtesy of No Mas)

fashion focus: a few more for no mas

April 3, 2008

No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008

The summer/fall 2008 collection for NYC-based brand No Mas is finally trickling its way into stores. Journo-cum-designer Chris Isenberg looked beyond the 80s for retro sports inspiration, also including iconic moments from the 20s through the 70s.

And he didn’t just use the givens of American sports — e.g., baseball, football, etc. — but also expanded into “alternate sports history” of bullfighting, boxing, and gambling on sports. (He included the horseshoe ogo of a Vegas casino that hosted the first World Series of Poker.) Isenberg also diversified beyond the graphic tees that catapulted his brand to success. They’ve included sweatshirts, shorts, and raglans for the new line.

No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008

We have come to expect a tennis-inspired piece (or two) with every season. Isenberg sticks to the rivarly between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. The BJ shirts will drop in May; the “You cannot be serious” hoodie, sometime in the fall. I’ll make sure to post when they’re ripe for the picking.

Buy: Angelenos can find No Mas goods at Fred Segal and Bloomingdales. For more info, visit the No Mas site.

Browse: Our picks, plus a link to the lookbook, after the cut…

a quick t-shirt round-up

November 13, 2007

free kolya shirt

  • Snoo Foo (a reader) made a Free Kolya shirt from our own design — with TSF’s blessing, of course — in time to support the Russian during this week’s Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai.

    Edit: You can get your Kolya shirt here (which is where Snoo Foo got it done). You can have the graphic on a hoodie, a ringer tee, or (my fave) an American Apparel crew. If you do get one, make sure to send us a photo of you wearing the shirt. Thanks for spreading TSF and Kolya love!

    no mas - wimbledon 1981

  • Meanwhile, renaissance man Chris Isenberg and the folks at streetwear/art outfit No Mas pay homage to the memorable 1981 Wimbledon final — when John McEnroe upset five-time defending champion Bjorn Borg in four sets — with this $32 tee.

  • Never did we think that Roger Federer would need our support, but this “We Love Roger” shirt by Swiss design shop Plus41 is more relevant than ever.

  • And Stick It Wear?! has come up with a few more designs since we profiled them on this blog. Browse the new additions.

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