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don’t take tennis too seriously…

April 19, 2007

….but don’t take it for granted, either.

In the middle of a serious post-match interview in Monte Carlo, Roger Federer comments on the upcoming exhibition between him and Nadal, to be played on a court that’s half-grass, half-clay.

We also enjoy playing tennis for fun for a change. It doesn’t always need to be crazy serious out on the match courts… The result is not the most important thing, it’s about having fun out there. And Mallorca, it’s a place I’ve never been to. It’s [Nadal’s] home city… It’s goin to be exciting and a good atmosphere.

federer-montecarlo.jpg At a time when everyone’s filing lawsuits left and right, it’s nice to be reminded of why we were even mired in this mess to begin with. The athletes enjoy playing against each other, and it gives them the opportunity to travel and see the world. There are many things to celebrate about the sport.

Let’s all take a moment and remind ourselves that, eh?

If that’s not enough, then consider yourself lucky that you can at least participate in tennis without harm, unlike in Iraq, where athletes (including three members of the Iraqi Davis Cup team) are being killed without reason; or in Sri Lanka, where Fed Cup team had to withdraw from their tie due to terrorist threats; or in Doha and Dubai, where Shahar Peer had to go it alone simply for being Israeli.

Throw out those lawsuits! We should be content that we can play without the risk of death.

(via todd and in charge; above picture of Akram Mustafa Abdulkarim via Yahoo! Sports)

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janko calls you out on your s*&t

March 12, 2007

With his stylish glasses, you’d think Janko Tipsarevic was just too cool for you:

Janko Tipsarevic at Rotterdam

Janko Tipsarevic at Indian Wells

In a way, he is. I’m in love with the white goggles from the top photo, and the striped FILA shirt from the bottom photo. But both outfits are missing… something. Perhaps a headband?

What makes him cooler: his post-match interview yesterday, where he responded to a reporter calling him out on turning some kids away when they asked for his autograph.

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