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short balls: u.s. open edition

September 3, 2007

The kids are alright: We’re happy to know that the junior tennis players are cultivating their clothing style as much as their playing style. Australian Stephen Donald leads the pack. (via DTL)

What about Tim: Was there ever really a good time to announce Tim Henman‘s retirement? The Times points out that NYT barely mentions the news.

Players’ lounge sightings: Nole loves him some foosball (TNYO)

Ana’s new lover?: Deadspin comments on Darren Rovell‘s obsession with Ana Ivanovic.

JNP was right: There’s a reason why Richard Williams has kept mum about his predictions so far — he’s not happy with Venus‘ play this week.

Sound bites: Richard Dietsch compiled some good press conference quotes from Week One, and Marat‘s was the best.

“At age 17 I had nothing planned, no cash, my sponsor dropped me and nobody wanted to help me in the [Russian] Federation because it was difficult times. The last source was my mother. She gave me $500 and said, ‘You have luck or you don’t have luck. This is your last hope. Take the $500 and go to the French Open and try to look for some money.’ This is tough situation. So sitting here and asking about speculation about how many Grand Slam I should have won, it’s a little bit funny.”

(photo via Yahoo! Sports)

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