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on the 3rd day of giftmas: the kiddie kind

December 14, 2010

There are those tennis-loving kids out there who are going to be expecting more than just a can of tennis balls in their stockings. Yep, we get it: they’re greedy! But look, tennis is pretty dang hard to play when you’re using lumps of coal. We’ve gathered together our best pint-sized gems (no, we’re not talking about our new BFF Justine) for a little kiddie shopping on the third day of TSF‘s 12 days of Giftmas.

We’ve always been big fans of the things that bubble over at Stick it Wear?! in SoCal. (No really. We. Are. Big. Fans.) This year SIW?! is getting young and hip – and we mean young as in they’ve got stuff for the little ones! And that rocks. Our faves: the no-nonsense AnaTank is a good option if you’re dreaming about sunny and warm weather in December (retails for $24.99) and, for the boys, the OurSaviour (can you guess who?!) is offered in the performance line for boys. Cost? $34.99.

And not just tennis: SIW?! now goes for the greens of the golf world too. Because you know those kiddies love g-o-l-f.

Remember when the rules changed for the kids of tennis? Well, now shopping has, too. TennisWarehouse has put together a portal that points shoppers to different landing pages by age and by products themselves. For kids from 5-10 and and products like racquets and shoes and balls and apparel can all be found via the link. What’s the best way to get your kid excited about 10 and Under Tennis?? Buy them some goods and get out there on the court with them! Our pick? A 12-pack of foam tennis balls for $29.95, seen below.



short balls: mac does the times, djoko the big screen and serena is no justine (!)

May 12, 2010

John McEnroe might not act like one any more, but he still knows how to dress like a teenager. The tennis legend got front-page billing on with a story about his new New York-based academy. (Screengrab via

Action! No Djoking Around. Serbian star Novak Djokovic has struggled in the last couple of years with his on-court stamina (will this be the issue that haunts his career?). He hasn’t struggled, meanwhile, with the ability to garner big-time acting roles in his home country. Djoko is starring in a documentary about the 1923 Serbian World Cup team, and fellow tennis buff Nenad Zimonjic is putting his footwork on display, too.

I’m no Justine. There were plenty of moments in Rome last weeks (Rome-ments?!). But one of our faves was Serena making sure that Jelena Jankovic know that she wasn’t pulling a Justine on the Serb. After the match, Serena assured Jankovic that she didn’t intentionally try to distract her opponent by putting her hand up while Janky was serving in the third-set tie-break, an exchange Serena knows plenty about.


eroddickly yours

May 6, 2010

Over the past few years, TSF has closely followed the path of Stick It Wear?!, a California-based sports apparel company run by designer Joe Durica. And for good reason: SIW has continuously churned out trendy tennis-inspired tees that feature a myriad of former and current tennis stars in classy illustrated stick form, including our all-time fave, El Toro.

Recently, Durica has expanded his coverage to the lower regions, revealing the aptly-named Eroddick women’s underwear line. The bottoms come in black or white and can be donned with a pink or gray Nadal, Agassi, Safin or Ivanovic illustration for just $16.99 a pair.

“Orders are non stop on this,” Durica said of the Eroddick, whose shop at Indian Wells is shown above.

But butts aren’t the only thing SIW is covering these days. In addition to the new Eroddicks and already-established t-shirts, a new line of zip-up sweatshirts called Rivalries. The Rivalries line centerpieces great rivalries (Borg/Mac, Sampras/Agassi, Roger/Rafa) with two stick characters divided by the zipper itself. A true fashion battleground.

See shots of the Eroddicks (we know you want to!) after the cut. (more…)

you can stick it wear the sun shines a lot

March 20, 2009

Congrats to our buddy Joe Durica and his Stick It Wear?! for getting some pretty prime retail space at the BNP Paribas Open tennis shop (it’s in that tent that’s neither TW nor Fila).

He chose to bring in four player-inspired shirts: Swiss Superstar, Number One, Russian Meltdown, and Original Rebel in a variety of styles and colors.

If you’re at the tourney, go check out his goods!

form follows fashion: re-dressing stick figures after australia

February 3, 2009


The silhouettes of Joe Durica at Stick it Wear?! have transformed after the year’s first slam — a few of them inspired by the last men and women standing in Melbourne.

The Bring Bling logo shows off hoop earrings and curves; the Swiss Superstar draws inspiration from a tuxedo stripe; while Number One has sleeve-covered biceps and shorts hemmed at the knee. (Aww, why isn’t there a stick figure for the actual stick figure of these four athletes?)

Buy: Tees now available at

for djokovic fans, a new nole shirt

February 4, 2008


Stick It Wear?! jumps on Nolemania with this take on Novak Djokovic‘s backhand pose.

We cracked up when we saw the detail in his hair. That’s a good call on Joe’s part. And really, Nole needs to take some of his winnings from the Australian Open (we’re talking A$1,370,000 here) and get a new ‘do.

Looking forward: Watch for Joe to churn out a few more designs in the coming months: Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova each get logos, and the Agassi from the early 90s gets an homage (mullets and neon pink) — I can’t wait for that last one. He also told me about shirts inspired by Roger Federer and James Blake. Will Joe profile James’ booty? We just have to wait and find out.


Buy: The Joker’s wild shirts — available as men’s and women’s tees ($17.95) and women’s tanks ($19.95) in a variety of colors at

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a quick t-shirt round-up

November 13, 2007

free kolya shirt

  • Snoo Foo (a reader) made a Free Kolya shirt from our own design — with TSF’s blessing, of course — in time to support the Russian during this week’s Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai.

    Edit: You can get your Kolya shirt here (which is where Snoo Foo got it done). You can have the graphic on a hoodie, a ringer tee, or (my fave) an American Apparel crew. If you do get one, make sure to send us a photo of you wearing the shirt. Thanks for spreading TSF and Kolya love!

    no mas - wimbledon 1981

  • Meanwhile, renaissance man Chris Isenberg and the folks at streetwear/art outfit No Mas pay homage to the memorable 1981 Wimbledon final — when John McEnroe upset five-time defending champion Bjorn Borg in four sets — with this $32 tee.

  • Never did we think that Roger Federer would need our support, but this “We Love Roger” shirt by Swiss design shop Plus41 is more relevant than ever.

  • And Stick It Wear?! has come up with a few more designs since we profiled them on this blog. Browse the new additions.

>> TSF’s t-shirts archive

brand focus: stick it wear?!

October 4, 2007

One of the cool things about writing this blog is stumbling across great new finds on the internet. The latest is O.C.-based clothing line Stick It Wear?! (TSF normally eschews punctuation-as-branding — think macy*s and Guess? — but in this case it works).

SIW’s bread and butter are stick figures inspired by Olympics pictograms from the 60s and 70s. Creator and owner Joe Durica designed these logos based on tennis pros with trademark looks. We’re talking Sharapova‘s fist pump, Henin‘s backhand, Clijsterssplits, Rafa‘s “Vamos!” pose, and — one of my personal faves — Lleyton‘s cobra). I guess you could call Joe the Nole of tennis fashion.

We recently talked to him over e-mail about tennis, entrepreneurship, and the highs and lows of designing clothing for the sport. Click here to read the interview.

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