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(ot): paris walks the plank?

July 20, 2011

Paris, unplugged: We haven’t checked in on the world of Hollywood lately on TSF and felt as though it was about time. And what better way than with Paris Hilton, the Queen of Them All? But it seems as though Queen has become Princess? Or worst yet, Minion?! Here, Paris walks out on Good Morning America when it’s suggested that Kim Kardashian might be better at life than her. Awww, Paris.

Click the image above to watch the video.

TSF Vault: Hollywood

(Screen grab via YouTube/GMA)


short balls: will & grace, quddus at kids’ day, federer’s birth chart, lacoste…

August 26, 2007

Will and Grace, part 2: A W&G rerun from the other night had yet another obscure reference, this time to Evonne Goolagong. Yes, yes — it’s not obscure to us gays, but you have to admit it’s obscure to the general public…

I’m no spring chicken: Which means I don’t watch TRL, which means I didn’t even know about Quddus Philippe until today. Cutie! Quddus is hosting Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the Open.

We have a lot of work to do: Did anyone else see Venus on GMA yesterday? Kate Snow, one of the show’s anchors, committed a tennis faux pas (and one of my pet peeves): she asked Venus to “volley” when she meant “rally” — grrrrr…. And, when talking about Venus’ ranking, Snow said it’s “really up there”. Uhm, an intern could have done some research to make this less vague.

A Lacoste mishit: Hardcore Lacoste (and kitsch) fans must check out this eBay auction. The belt is cute, but that’s about it.

Reading Roger: The World No. 1’s birth chart.

Federer taps another teen: For the ATP Masters Series tourney in Cincy, junior Matt Allare was chosen by Roger to be his hitting partner. Jesse Levine got the same honor a few months back when Federer flew him to Dubai. (ZooTennis)

Nole’s resume: The Age does this cute, quick feature on the clowny ways of Novak Djokovic.

dog tags for sale at

April 25, 2007

Andre Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Warrick Dunn, Jeff Gordon, Tony Hawk, Andrea Jaeger, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Muhammad Ali all appeared on Good Morning America this morning to announce the formation of Atheletes for Hope. (Video here, article here.)

“Over the years we’ve helped each other with our particular passions … We can accomplish a whole lot more collectively,” Agassi said on GMA. “The thing we want to do is what really matters … One thing hope stands for is for caring.”

Athletes for Hope Dog Tags

Let’s give them props for pooling their celebrity power and their resources. Also, props for opting to start their online merch shop with dog tags. Does that mean the rubber bracelet craze is officially over?


>> Agassi to help announce Athletes for Hope on Good Morning America
>> sharapova becomes U.N. ambassador
>> sister andrea jaeger
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Agassi to help announce Athletes for Hope on Good Morning America

April 25, 2007

Teasers for tomorrow’s episode of Good Morning America mention a slew of athletes — including Andre Agassi — coming together for a big announcement. Some quick Googling turned up this, from the April 22 issue of the Las Vegas Sun:

Scheduled for Tuesday morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, Andre Agassi gives “GMA’s” Robin Roberts a tour of Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy. On Wednesday’s broadcast Agassi will join a group of famous jocks to announce the new foundation Athletes for Hope, which will focus on a variety of philanthropic causes. Agassi has long been a prince of such efforts…

Agassi and Graf continue to make their move…

>> Graf in Glamour, wearing Gaultier
>> agassi whacks steffi: the video”
>> the graf-agassi machine
>> agassi: what will be in his memoir, etc.
>> Andre Agassi College Prep Academy
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the graf-agassi machine

April 16, 2007

graf and agassi at the Ivy

The publicists for Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are working double-time, and their work is clearly paying off.

Save for yesterday’s on-court goof — and even that had a silver lining (Agassi and Graf were in town filming a segment for The Big Give) — press coverage of the couple has generally been favorable.

First there was news of the $5 million memoir and sold-out Idaho resort development.

Then they followed that up with a sweet but totally fluffy piece on Good Morning America. (Video here, transcipt here.)

As the Q rating goes back up, the paparazzi go in for the kill. People published a photo of the whole family in their April 9 issue. (via Celebrity Baby Blog)

And Just Jared posted photos from a dinner the two had at the Ivy in London. Look at Steffi’s outfit! yowza.

>> agassi: what will be in his memoir, etc.
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