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fashion focus: serena’s american apparel

January 22, 2009


If you prick her, will she bleed? I’m somewhat relieved that even the superstars are feeling the pinch like the rest of us. At an Aussie Open press conference earlier this week, Serena Williams revealed that she, too, has been cutting back on extravagant purchases as of late. “It’s low tide for me. I’m not out there buying crazy things,” said Serena. “The bag I’m carrying now is worth $12.”

That bag was from American Apparel, who in December posted a 3% gain in same-store sales while everyone else reported double-digit declines. I guess Serena is doing her part to keep them and their sweatshop-free practices afloat! A quick scan of AA goods online brought up the Watery Oversized Tote in black ($65); I think this is the one she’s carrying.

Read up: WWD profiled the company and its skeevy founder, Dov Charney, earlier this month.


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