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short balls: the pick comes wednesday

October 26, 2010

On Wednesday afternoon, the USTA will announce at a media luncheon who has been picked to replace Patrick McEnroe as the U.S. Davis Cup coach. McEnroe, who has coached the American squad since 2002, announced at the year’s US Open that he was stepping down from his position as head coach. Jim Courier and Todd Martin, both former players for the Davis Cup red, white and blue made it known almost immediately that they were interested in the spot. Jay Berger, whohas worked as a USTA coach as well as helping out with Davis Cup duties under McEnroe, is also rumored to be in the running.

Pay to know: The career of Lleyton Hewitt might be on the downward spiral, so he and wife Bec Cartwright are making sure to take full (monetary) advantage of the arrival of their third child, a girl. The Hewitts have joined forces with “Text A Star”, a service that allows fans to text a certain number for $2, and the curious fan will be texted back with the name of the little gal. D-Listed took issue with the Hewitts decision to share the information in such a way, crowning the couple their “Dumb Bitches of the Day“. Bundle of joy? Bundle of something…

No bundles of joy: For Ana Ivanovic and golfer Adam Scott, whose split was confirmed last week. Sounds as though the two severed romantic tie in the last few months, which may have helped Ana with her recent resurgence on the WTA Tour. Maybe Ana should monetize her new-found tennis wins with a $2 text service to find out what she ate before each match? Then we could finally get to the bottom of that bathroom problem…

Not enough Muster-d: Luck ran out for Austrian wild card (and former world no. 1) Thomas Muster in the opening round at Vienna today. He was taken down in two (hard-fought) sets against countryman and lucky loser Andreas Haider-Maurer. That didn’t stop Argentinean blog FueBuena to make sure that a Muster reel (from past and present) was up on the blog today, featuring a couple of ’90s gems against Sampras and two great points from his loss today. Keep trucking, Mr. 43!

short(er) balls: The Bryan Brothers put up this video yesterday from a commercial they were supposedly shooting with ESPN. The theme: a 1970s Doublemint gum spin off. Twins abound! | Some fans are really ticked off about the Tennis Channel ticker. Who knew?! Guess they just want their tennis, old-school. | This idea certainly isn’t ‘old school’: the iBall. OnTheBaseline talks with two young minds that have an idea on how to change ball technology in the modern game. | This should be bright too: Maria Sharapova’s engagement ring. Sounds like Mr. Sharapova is well-trained when it comes to his lady’s taste for expensive ($250,000!) jewelry. | And really, we’d love to Andrea Petkovic become much more than Petkorazzi. Girl is upbeat and down to earth. Down with the JJ and up with the Petko. Guess we’ll see what happens, no?

(photo by bill kralovec via flickr)


short balls: superfantastic saturday

September 11, 2010

Kiss me, it’s Saturday.

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer played one of the more memorable matches in recent history late this afternoon at the US Open. The Djoker prevailed 7-5 in the fifth set, in a match that saw him save two match points at 4-5 down in the fifth. What a fight, no? Next up? Rafael Nadal.

D-Listed got into the tennis spirit this past week, putting up a few pictures of celebs at the USO. While we like seeing the images, the writing on D-Listed never fails to amuse in one way or another, or at least raise an eyebrow or two? got into the spirit, too, posting their own gallery and making sure we kept up on the whereabouts of Joba Chamberlain. Ohhhhhhhhh, he’s a baseball player. We thought maybe that was Kathie Lee Gifford’s co-host on the Today Show. Our bad.

While the New York Times had behemoth coverage on the Open again this year, (full disclosure: I was apart of that team), the Wall Street Journal pushed their own tennis agenda on the grounds of the USTABJKNTC over the last two weeks. In the last year, the WSJ has amped up its coverage of the greater New York area to compete directly with the Times. Making sure to cover all angles, the paper got in on the culinary action of the grounds, while also getting their stopwatches out and putting together a healthy amount of data on how long players were taking to serve (they’re allotted 20 seconds after the previous point had ended). Most entertaining, though, was Ralph Gardner‘s piece on spending a day with Tennis magazine legend writer Peter Bodo and feeling a part of the inner, ‘frat-boy’ tennis culture. A great read. Plus, if you want a great watch/listen, there’s a video on – surprise! – the grunting women of the WTA Tour.

There’s plenty of grunting (and yelling and screaming) in the collection of videos that put together known as “Fifteen Famous Tennis Tantrums.” Our favorite is probably the Roddick video from the 2008 Aussie, where he argues (wrongly) about a point awarded to Kohlschrieber. Seems as though Mr. Roddick has a habit of arguing points/ causes/ issues that just don’t fit and are just plain incorrect. It was also plain incorrect for this goalie to celebrate so quickly. Oops.

And while some of this video left us scratching our heads, we definitely love some play on words now and then, especially when they involve -ovas and -vitches from the comedy duo The Stone Bros. “Whateva Slevtova”? (Read: Whatever’s left-over.) Brilliant. Click the image to watch the clip.

(djokovic photo by stan honda via getty images; youtube screengrab)

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