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short balls: roger’s the best, nadal loves marilyn, and a threesome in my living room

February 6, 2009

I WANT THEM ALL: We ran across these prints of Roger, Rafa, and Andy Roddick done by UK artist Vietnamthemovie. He’s doing a 100-print run of all three — available in a variety of print finishes and sizes, starting from $48 — so act fast. Le sigh. my disposable income’s at zero, but my living room already looks naked without ’em! Check out the shop here.

Just like (quick) honey: Do you remember the January 2007 issue of Tennis, which had illustrations by Peter Stemmler of Venus and Serena, Lindsay Davenport, and Nole (I think in a dress)? I meant to scan and post. Check out two more drawings, these ones of Masha.


He’s a rock star, after all: Another mark in that column for Rafael Nadal, who for six months now has owned a Marilyn Monroe piece by artist Daniele Donde. Rafa picked up Marilyn Rocks in June of 2008. (src)

Nadal’s number one… … but you’re the best a man can get, Roger! This mural was spotted by keithmaguire in South Korea.


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