reebok is like my mother



To minimize confusion in the locker room — lest Jelena Jankovic accidentally put on Shahar Peer‘s gear at some point during the fortnight — Reebok personalized the shoes of both players.

Btw, Reebok: country flags on shoes have already been done, and looked better executed on Roger‘s shoes, don’t you think?


Love ’em? Hate ’em? Tell us.

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3 Responses to “reebok is like my mother”

  1. Austy Says:

    I think Jelena got the sweet end of that deal. Shahar’s shoes are kinda ug-ug…

  2. currycricketer Says:

    Agreed Austy … It’s well good to be patriotic, but on your shoes? My mum could only manage to write my name on the inside of my shoe … that got rubbed off after a while. Reebok obviously isn’t like my mum.

  3. women's tennis blog » Blog Archive » Player's name on tennis sneakers, yes or no? Says:

    […] that in tennis it's all part of the industry, but still,… it's kind of cheesy. (Tennis Served Fresh and Tennis Country, thanks for the […]

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