masha’s day dress curse?


So we’re happy to find out that Maria Sharapova was healthy enough to play in this week’s $1.34 million Tier I Kremlin Cup in Moscow. She snuck in as the second seed (with a wild card) when Justine Henin pulled out last week.

Unfortch, she fell to the curse of her Nike 2007 U.S. Open Day Dress, again losing to a teenager — this time 18-year-old Victoria Azarenka — 7-6 (9) 6-2.

At least Masha looked good. This version of the outfit came as separates and in a black/white colorway (instead of vice-versa). Plus, is that velvet on the hem of her skirt?

And of course this Siberian siren glammed up even in training. Check out the cute shirt she wore after the cut.

This Marathon Mulit-Graphic Tee (color: fiberglass) has a pocket on the left chest and celebrates the 32nd Annual Western Hemisphere Marathon. Buy: Pick it up for $30 at Browse: And check out the rest of the Marathon Collection here.

(Day Dress photos via Getty Images; Practice photo via

One Response to “masha’s day dress curse?”

  1. b Says:

    wow at first glance she looks nice…. She looks much much better than at USO. Do you have any shots to show whether the top fit, especially the armpits? I wonder how it would look in all black with a white “skyline”. This also seems to suit her better than the red dress but hard to tell with these pics.

    I did not like the white version that she wore at the USO and it fit very poorly
    the red was ho-hum

    Anyway fantastic result for azarenka….. yaaaay!

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