wertheim speaks, blake goes live


Last night L. Jon Wertheim spoke to tennis fans at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in SoHo about his book Strokes of Genius while fielding questions from the audience about the legitimacy of Fed’s ’09 French win and why mainstream American sports fans just don’t understand the Rog.

Wertheim spoke on many topics, but one thing he drove home was how personable Federer is, even as a world class athlete. Not sure of it? Check out this clip the CNNSI.com writer said. It’s a laugh, literally.

No really, don’t read on until you watch that clip…

More watching can be done tonight as the James Blake exhibition in New York will be streamed on the USTA’s web site, Livestream.com and the event’s facebook page. Blake is set to play fellow American Andy Roddick in the event that will raise money for the Thomas Blake, Sr. Cancer Research Fund at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Sam Querrey and the Bryan Brothers are also scheduled to appear.

Oh, and the Fed vid is posted after the jump, just in case you can’t stand to peel yourself away from TSF.

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4 Responses to “wertheim speaks, blake goes live”

  1. Lindsay S Says:

    I was at the talk last night too! I actually think I was sitting in your row, if you’re the person to whom Jon said “you should put this on your site.” Wish I had known, would have said Hi. (I love your blog.) I was the girl who asked about whether Roger has become more interesting to Americans through his losing rivalry with Nadal.

  2. Nick Says:

    Hey Lindsay! That actually wasn’t me in your row– I was in the back! Glad to hear you made it. Very fun to see and hear Wertheim in person– lots of wisdom!

  3. Johanna Says:

    Excellent clip on youtube. I started laughing! Just finished Jon’s book – I liked it.

  4. Tennisphilia.com Says:

    The clip on Federer is great. A real laugh. Thanks for sharing.

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