with djokovic, sergio tacchini launches fall/winter 2010


Sergio Tacchini‘s getting ready to launch an online store plastered with Nole Djokovic all over. They’ve provided four photos as a teaser for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

Draw: At the 2010 US Open, Nole’s still in the running to match his 2007 finals appearance but will need a Hail Mary to do so. His semifinal opponent, Roger Federer, has taken him out at this tournament in the last three years. On Djokovic’s side, perhaps, is the fact that he hasn’t dropped a set since going five against Troicki in the first round. Nole’s other opponents: Monfils (QF), Fish (R16), Blake (3r), and Petzschner (2r). See the men’s singles draw here.

More: Three more pictures after the cut…

(source; via FortyDeuce)

6 Responses to “with djokovic, sergio tacchini launches fall/winter 2010”

  1. Jon Says:

    yum! thanks

  2. Jon Says:

    …but a bit too clothed 😉

  3. Micah Says:


  4. Vania Says:

    He looks so edible in this shot. I’d buy those clothes if I was a man!

  5. Stefan Perovic Says:

    Novak Djokovic, Nr 1…………………………..http://sz2604-max.blogspot.com/2011/07/novak-djokovic-is-nr-1-van-de-wereld.html

  6. עורך דין פלילי Says:

    Djokovic is doing a great job representing sergio tacchini, but what about the women’s? can’t recall a lady on the tour that sponsored by them, do you guys know any?

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