I’m not in this for the money…


(Editor Update: We’re now over at Tennis Now, where we are still pondering who would be in our list of HOATs. Might need to make room for Grigor Dimitrov. Visit us at Tennis Now.)


Forget the GOATs for a sec and let’s talk about the HOATs.

My top 5, in no particular order (to each his own, folks): Hewitt, Haas, Safin, Rafter, and Clement. Runners-up: Davydenko, Andy Murray, and Youzhny.

Who’s on your list? Tell us!


398 Responses to “I’m not in this for the money…”

  1. billyfabs Says:

    1. safin
    2. haas
    3. djokovic
    4. roddick (i know, i know)
    5. philippoussis (ditto)

  2. Chris Says:

    Bryans (but only as a package, not individually)

  3. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    Ooh, my favorite type of poll/list, Erwin!

    I LOVE Marat Safin and Robby Ginepri!!!!

    Feliciano Lopez, Amer Delic, Rafa Nadal, and my tennis coach, Conner, ain’t bad either. But, they can’t compete with my top 2!

  4. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    1. Rafter – FOREVER!!!
    2. Safin
    3. Nole
    4. Blake
    5. Monaco

  5. Erwin Says:

    Good call on Monaco, Bonnie. He should be on my runner-up list, too…

  6. Nick Says:

    Verdasco! Verdasco! Verdasco!

  7. Paul Says:

    You guys are forgetting Kiefer.
    1. N. Kiefer
    2. A. Clement
    3. N. Djokovic
    4. M. Safin
    5. F. Gonzales

    • cary Says:

      Paul and Nick are right on!
      1. Verdasco (thought about making Nando #1,2, and 3)
      2. Kiefer
      3. Moya
      4. Tursonov–put him in before I scrolled down and saw others with excellent taste!
      5. Roddick
      Honorable Mention (some in the past) Javier Sanchez, Jan-Michael
      Gambill, Haas, Borg (actually #1, but top 5 only current), Cash

  8. Nez Says:

    1 – Novak Djokovic (go nole!!!)
    2 – Andy Roddick
    3 – Dmitry Tursunov
    4 – Fernando Verdasco
    5 – Jan-Michael Gambill

  9. Johann Says:

    1. Safin (sans facial hair)
    2. Blake (bald)
    3. Rafter (sans samurai ponytail)
    4. Gambill
    5. Ginepri
    HM: Djoke

  10. Colin Says:

    1. Tursunov
    2. Djokovic
    3. Haas
    4. JC Ferrero
    5. Verdasco

  11. Dave Says:

    Ok. I can’t resist. Here’s my list.

    1. Djokovic
    2. Nadal
    3. Hewitt
    4. Verdasco
    5. Frank Dancevic (look it up)

    and my all time favorites…
    Gustavo Kuerten and Bjorn Borg

  12. bcwoody Says:

    1. Rainer Schuettler
    2. Paul Henri Mathieu
    3. Novak Djokovic
    4. Emilio Sanchez
    5. Patrick Rafter

  13. lizzie Says:

    Haven’t you seen Tomas Berdych?! He is so hot!!! And is play is the best as well. Look it up! Tomas Berdych is the hottest, no one can compete!

  14. Cheese Whiz Says:

    1. Janko Tipsarevic. Something about a boy with tats, piercings, geeky glasses and bulging biceps that reads Russian literature and German philosophy. Okay. Even without that, he’s gorgeous.

    2. Rafael Nadal. Killer body. Killer smile. The best ass I have ever seen. I don’t even like asses.

    3. Hernan Gumy. Safin’s new coach. Google him. He’s beautiful.

    4. Marat Safin. I’m sure it’s not doing his confidence much good to be eclipsed in hotness by his own coach.

    5. Feliciano Lopez. Almost too pretty to be hot. And his junk is always falling out of the jockstrap. But those eyes….

    • Tipsy_fan Says:

      Fully agree.
      Janko – he can carry off the boy-next-door image as well as the tennis hunk with the chiselled look, glares and tats and an incredible knowledge of Russian literature mixed with humility.

      And Roger Federer – Greek God personified, even if less chiselled now then before.

  15. kitzmuffin Says:

    Marat Safin is the hottest male on the planet!

  16. Safinette Says:

    Top 5?

    1. Marat Safin speaking Russian

    2. Marat Safin speaking Spanish

    3. Marat Safin speaking English

    4. Marat Safin breaking racquets

    5. Marat Safin off the court, after a shower, in a white tee, board shorts, and flip flips. With sunglasses perched on his head. Any language will do.

    And, frankly, it’s about 50/50 looks & personality!

  17. emi Says:

    1. gasquet
    2. clement
    3. safin
    4. nadal
    5. federer

  18. kitzmuffin Says:

    well put Safinette!

  19. Erwin Says:

    Safinette, you cracked me up…

  20. dance-a-vic Says:

    All of the -ic-s. Ancic, Delic, Dancevic, Djokovic & Tipsarevic.
    Especially Tipsarevic!

  21. Fernando Says:

    1. Gasquet
    2. Kiefer
    3. Federer
    4. Youzny
    5. Santoro (I know its strange, but i cant deny it)

    Ewww on Nadal and Hewitt.

  22. rodrigo Says:

    mmmmmmm,simply:safin ,haas ,kiefer,roddick,calleri

  23. Jessi Says:

    1. Clement
    2. Agassi (both with and without hair)
    3. Haas
    4. Rafter
    5. Fernando Vicente. (def. look him up.) 🙂

  24. Vicky and Dre Says:

    In no particular order..
    Marat safin (not much to say, just plain gorgeous)
    Tommy Haas (we saw him up close at wimbledon… HELLO! thats a diffrent kinda hott)
    Dmitry Tursunov (newly converted- can’t quite explain it, just is.. especially at the US open 07)
    Rafael Nadal/ Toni Nadal (dont say a thing…)
    Andy Roddick ( built like a brick house, we also saw him at wimbledon)
    James Blake (Lets not talk about when he had hair…)
    Feliciano Lopez
    Fernando Gonzalez

  25. anj Says:

    safin, haas, nadal,nalbandian, ferrero, malisse. its sad the world numer one isnt hot. note closely how safin and haas are on almost everyone’s list. what is it abt these two guys??

  26. Debbie Says:

    well…many of the tennis sould be in this list…but…only 5 are the best

    1. ROGER FEDERER ( the hotest tennis player…and the number one!!! )

    2. Tommy Haas

    3. Tommy Robredo

    4. Novak Djokovic

    5. Robby Ginepri

  27. Gdubya Says:

    1. Feliciano Lopez

    2. Paradorn

    3. Fernando Verdasco

    4. Scoville Jenkins

    5. Jarko Tipsarevic

  28. Mara Says:

    It’s “Janko” not “Jarko”, and he is TOTALLY top of any hot list. 🙂

  29. Derek Says:

    1.) Djokovic
    2.) Nadal
    3.) Sampras
    4.) Roddick
    5.) Federer


  30. Houston Says:

    Without a doubt:

    Safin always

  31. K+M Says:

    Our list has hot guys and funny guys.

    1. Andy Roddick ( *sigh* )
    2. Novak djokovic
    3. Janko Tipsarevic ( up close really nice)
    4.James Blake (nice eyes)
    5. Bob and Mike Bryan

  32. Maria Says:

    1. Xavier Malisse
    2. James Blake
    3. Roger Federer
    4. Oliver Patience
    5. Tommy Haas

    geez, these lists are starting to resemble european footballer looks.

  33. Terry Says:

    Based on Looks and Personality:
    1. Safin- far and away above the rest
    2. Djokovic
    3. Tommy Haas
    4. Rafa Nadal
    5. Joachim Johansson

  34. Erwin Says:

    ahhh Pim Pim finally makes the list!

    (hmm, are the women feeling left out? Is it time to create a HOAT: women’s edition?)

  35. butter Says:

    no E lets leave the women alone; NAMAN, don’t ruin the imagination. ahahaha

  36. Maria Says:

    yeah, leave the girls alone – they’ve been objectified enough… let’s not set the female movement back 20 years!

  37. tennisfan Says:

    marat safin (drop dead gorgeous)
    janko tipsarevic
    tommy haas
    andy roddick
    novak djokovic

  38. Mariska Says:

    Not to objectify him, disrespect him, inadvertently denigrate his considerable skill as a tennis player or anything at all like that, but….just one glimpse of Janko Tipsarevic is enough to make my heart skip a beat….I think it’s the Russian literature that does it for me. 🙂 (well, that and those big soulful eyes.) Seriously, how often do you find a top-class athlete who’s also such an intellectual?

    Marat Safin is pretty hot as well, and Novak Djokovic has to be on the list just for his adorable sweetness and goofy impressions!

  39. tavi Says:

    novak djokovic is dreamy

  40. love40mp Says:

    From my viewfinder…strictly looks only

    1. Marat Safin(I didn’t want to be on the bandwagaon, but having seen him in person I just can’t dispute this. :p)
    2. Rafael Nadal
    3. Roger Federer – my favorite hottie!
    4. Patrick Rafter
    5. James Blake

    Cuteness Award goes to the giant with a baby face: John Isner!

  41. Anita Says:

    1.-L Hewitt
    2.-N Djokovic
    3.-JC Ferrero
    4.-G Gaudio
    5.-F Gonzalez

    Haas and roddick arent so bad either =*

  42. Leo Says:

    1) Marat Safin (undoubtedly the most beautiful tennis player ever walked the earth)
    2) Richard Gasquet (just adorable… the French accent doesn’t hurt)
    3) Juan Monaco (I upgraded Gaston for Juan)
    4) Tommy Robredo (Tommy trumps Feliciano any time!)
    5) Alexander Waske (yup. you heard it here first)

    Is anyone tallying up votes? Can there an honorable mentions list. Mr. Congeniality?

  43. FunkyDuke Says:

    a pretty good taste, girls (and boys), you know ’em all! 🙂
    but you’ve forgotten one really cool dude! THOMAS ENQVIST! 😉

  44. irina Says:

    what about David Ferrer?! i cannot believe he is not on any list yet!
    1. David Ferrer
    2. Bjorn Borg – is that weird?
    3. Rafa Nadal
    4. Feliciano Lopez
    5. Michael Chang – again – is that weird?

  45. johngalt Says:

    whew nice list..just Safin, Gasquet and Nadal for me..haha

  46. alexandra Says:

    watch this video montage…i think all of them are in it. but heres my top 5

    1 djokovic
    2 gasquet
    3 safin
    4 haas
    5 nadal

    these are my faves but evreyone in here is gorgeus!!!

    i dont know how to do the clicky thing…so just copy and paste it or go to youtube.com and look up “Hot tennis players: Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Safin. etc” thats the exact title.

  47. Ana Says:

    1. Verdasco
    2. Ferrer
    3. Blake
    4. Lopez
    5. Tursunov

    I don’t understand all this Nadal love. Sure, he’s got the body, but the face and the mannerisms just ruin it all…..I have never understood why he doesn’t just wear looser pants.

    To each his/her own, I guess…

  48. rebecca Says:

    fav topic…

    james blake
    andy roddick
    marat safin
    roger federer
    pat rafter….or for a current guy tommy haas

  49. alexandra Says:

    after seein more recent pics of feliciano lopez i think im replacing haas with lopez…so its

    1.djokovic( without the ugly goatee)
    5.nadal (although he might be off this list soon…)

  50. Sonja Says:

    Wow, all those different lists are fascinating!
    Interestingly, folks like Safin and Haas just don’t do it for me. Gotta look up that Tipsarevic guy though.

    Here’s my top 5:
    1. Rafa Nadal – WHAT A BODY. OH. MY. GOD. Also, gotta love the boyish smile.
    2. Nole Djokovic – mainly, it’s the charisma and those eyes (green fading into brown – ever noticed?)
    3. Fernando Gonzalez – just pretty.
    4. David Ferrer – he looks kinda weird on-court, but totally gorgeous off-court.
    5. David Nalbandian – not the typical hottie, but he’s got something… I also like his physique.

    No. 1 and 2 are WAY ahead though.

  51. Kathryn L Says:

    There’s only one man who does it for me tennis wise and it’s gotta be the Federer. There’s something incredibly sexy about that man, he seems like a total gentleman and that’s very attractive. Not conventionally good looking either which adds to the appeal.

    Wouldn’t say no to Novak or Roddick either…they got that something too.

    One thing that has totally flown over my head is Nadal. He’s all greasy and sweaty looking even before he starts to play! His talent is quite attractive though…that sounded dodgy!

  52. FeFe Says:

    Is there any other name that comes to mind first for tennis hottie other than Safin? Seriously. If the ATP didn’t have Marat, they would have to invent him. Every one else is just a pair of boxers or briefs but who moons you baby!

    Mr. Bryan or Stanford should pay Safin to play doubles in 2008. He is a good doubles player and think of the buzz and I’m sure TV coverage if he played Aussie ’08.

  53. tennisfan Says:

    I agree 100% with the poster above. It’s not possible to be as hot as Marat is.
    If you need a proof check the link below…

  54. LilipOops Says:

    -Rafael Na…

  55. krista Says:


    how come nobody thought of tommy robredo??
    he’s my top 2..!

  56. kiki Says:

    1. Rafa-too good to be true
    2. Ferrer
    3. Guga
    4. Rafter
    5. Coria

  57. Erwin Says:

    krista: robredo’s sprinkled in there. Don’t worry — he’s getting some love!

  58. ponies Says:

    Rafa of course! especially as appears on your grass is always greener post.


  59. Bunterette Says:

    1. Djokovic – oh what a body

    2. Djokovic – that treasure trail…mmm

    3. Djokovic – and he’s smart

    4. Djokovic – and funny too

    Totally in lust…

    5. Safin (previously would have been top but now eclipsed)

  60. Sarah Says:

    I am all about the Spanish Armada!!!

    1. Feliciano Lopez … almost too hot to even look at

    2. David Ferrer … amazing eyes & spirit of determination

    3. Fernando Verdasco … simply a cutie

    4. Nole Djokovic … who can ignore those eyes & that personality

    5. Rafa Nadal … great style.

  61. Jenny Says:

    1. David Ferrer Those amazing eyes and smile
    2. Fernando Gonzalez
    3. Roger Federer
    4. Carlos Moya
    5. Tommy Haas

  62. Erwin Says:

    If you’re going to lump Novak into something non-Serbian, I think he’s spent a lot of time in Germany, no? Marat Safin is the one who has spent time training in Barcelona…

  63. joanna Says:

    1. marat safin (the hottest tennis player ever)
    2. gilles simon
    3. Novak Djokovic
    4. Dimitry Tursunov
    5. Frank Dancevic

  64. Sarah Says:

    Erwin: I am aware that Djokovic has no affiliation with Spain. I assumed that in a tennis forum it would be common knowledge that he is from Serbia. I also assumed that common knowledge of ratios would illustrate that 4 out of my 5 picks were from Spain, hence the emphasis on the “Spanish Armada.” My mistake!

  65. Faith Says:

    1. RAFA NADAL – sex on legs … Hott as and amzing player, that body and BUM !!!!! Drool
    2. Andy Roddick – hott
    3. Rodger Federer – Mr cool
    4. Marat Safin – Aggressive
    5. Pete Sampras – ( dont no what it is just fit)

  66. Angelique Says:

    My top 5 are:

    Safin (who else)
    Rafter did come close though

    But can the boys please stop wearing long shorts I want to see some legs.

    Can’t wait for the new tennis season to start

  67. MANNSEVEN Says:

    1. Janko Tipsarevic
    2. Dmitry Tursunov
    3. Safin (with short hair)
    4. Richard Gasquet
    5. Fernando Gonzalez, Robby Ginepri, Mark Phillippoussis (if they would all get their hair cut and clean up!)

  68. lulu Says:

    1. SAFIN
    2. Tursunov
    3. Blake
    4. Youzhny
    5. Olle Rochus

  69. Brooke Says:

    1. Roddick
    2. Tursunov
    3. The Bryans
    4. Safin
    5. Hass

  70. Natasha Spychick Says:


    [I added 3 extras, since the first five on the list are actually favorites, and the rest are just guys I find myself rooting for against anyone who isn’t in my first five]

    Past players:
    ***Cool-Guy [+hottness] Bonus Points

  71. Mia Says:


    1. PAT RAFTER saying SORRY, MATE!!!
    6. 7. 8. 9. 10. …………………………………………..


  72. nan Says:


  73. andrea Says:

    1.roddick- that smile of his *drools*
    2.gasquet- sexy french accent
    3.nadal- when trying to speak english
    4.bob and mike bryan- just plain hot together
    5.ginepri- without the crazy hair and cap and smiling 🙂

  74. Anna Says:

    1. Djokovic
    2. Safin
    3. Roddick
    4. Federer
    5. Starace

  75. naty Says:

    Mi TOP 5 es tenistas en actividad.


    SUMENLE A GORAN IVANISEVIC, A PATRIC RAFTER Y A GUGA (que juega de vez en cuando)

    no puedo cree que pongan a berdych en la lista. quisas la persona que lo voto le gustaria enseñarle educacion. no se provoca al publico español luego de ganarle a nadal en España.

  76. rob Says:

    If I could get one of my hand-painted saints medals on the neck of Rafter that would be my biggest “get” yet.

  77. b Says:

    hottest by far –
    blake – best butt – needs clothes to do it justice
    nadal – 2nd best butt

    next hottest – (no particular order)

    honorable mentions:
    nalbandian used to be cute looking not sure what happenned
    all the spaniards cute to some degree or another
    gumy- just looked this guy up – agree he’s gorgeous – but since he’s no longer playing (correct?) he’s not on the list above
    mirnyi – nice eyes, smile etc etc

    donald young to young to refer to as such but looks like he might be quite the looker

  78. laura Says:

    1)N. Djokovic
    2)Novak D.
    4)The Dkokster
    5)Novak Djokovic!!! Yummm!
    In skivvies, with shirt, no shirt, formal wear, no wear (dream-on), in jeans, shorts, sweats, tanned, not-so tanned, smiling (them fangs rule), frowning, goofing off..oh, and I also forgot: With his glasses on, sooo intelectual looking.

  79. brett Says:

    1) Novak Djokovic!!!!!!!!
    He’s so sexy. Cute smile, great body! no shirt……

    2) Andy Roddick

    3) Marat Safin
    short hair only.

    4) James Blake
    Without any stuble.

    5) Richard Gasquet
    love a man in Lacoste short shorts

  80. Angelique Says:

    Murray Oh come on. In what department. He is skinny, pimples, pale and that hair.

  81. Colette Says:

    Laura – you’ve clearly got it as bad for Nole as I have!

    Have been watching the Hopman Cup this week and keep melting inside at every glimpse of that stomach. And the glasses and those eyes….woooh

    I pray that he’ll take to wearing better fitting shorts this coming year – it looks as though he has the most wonderful tight little ass but the shorts are too loose to fully appreciate it, or any other delights. Adidas – please take note and do better.

  82. Andy Says:

    Gambill!! (is he retired?)
    Robredo (except his teeth)
    Feliciano Lopez

    Mark Phillappousis*
    Todd Martin
    Sampras’s chest
    Lendl’s butt
    E. Sanchez

  83. ac Says:

    1. Tommy Robredo
    2. Jarkko Nieminen
    3. Richard Gasquet
    4. Novak Djokovic
    5. Mario Ancic

  84. dance-a-vic Says:

    Nole is the only guy who makes perspiration work for him. I’m watching Hopman Cup, and Hantuchova-lookalike Mardy Fish looks all oily and stinky, while Nole’s sweat is almost dainty and just makes him look even hotter. I think it’s that hair; it is impervious to moisture of any type.

  85. tarni Says:

    1. * Nolak, Djokovich*
    ohh n thats it

  86. b Says:

    how did i forget j-w tsonga – muhammad ali of tennis
    beautiful guy

    berdych and clement should be somewhere on my list too at least h-mention

  87. Chris Says:

    Wow….this has gotta be the longest comments ever…..
    So, let me chime in:

    1, Tursunov – funny (more intellectual than Djokers’ slapstick) and soooooo sexy
    2, Safin – was not a fan until he cut his hair short and we had a moment (eye contact, kind words, and autograph were exchanged) at Wimbledon 2007.
    3, Gasquet – not really my type, but have you seen his backside?
    4, Rafter – truly husband material
    5, Martin Damm (doubles player) – I sometimes fantasize being Leander Paes…
    HM – It’s a shocker……wait for it…….Kolya. Based on his on court work ethic, I have a feeling that he would be awesome in bed!

  88. Kirk Says:

    My HOAT Five:

    1. Stan Wawrinka ( adorable…google him!)
    2. Marat Safin
    3. Arnaud Clement
    4. Olivier Rochus
    5. Andy Roddick


  89. Martine Says:


  90. Eliza Says:

    Rafael Nadal (killer bod, sweet personality)
    Carlos Moya (sexay in a laid back way)
    Janko Tipsarevic (love the tattoos)
    Marat Safin (almost too conventionally good looking, but raging insanity makes up for it)
    Andy Roddick (cute, plus genuinely funny)

  91. Chicagoan Says:

    My list:

    1. Thomas Muster – This guy CLEARLY had the hottest ass on the tour. There’s a pic floating out there somewhere of him in a jockstrap…lordy!
    2. Robby Ginepri – Very hot
    3. Rafter – Very strong, tall specimen of a man
    4. Nalbandian – Looks much better when he’s all cleaned up
    5. Niemenen (sp?) – Very cute

  92. tennisfreak Says:


  93. shannon Says:

    mmm MAN CANDY!
    honorable mentions: john isner, james blake and sam queery ❤

  94. marc Says:

    1. Andy Roddick!
    2. safin
    3. djokovic
    4. haas
    5. ferer

  95. Siti Nur Aliah Says:


  96. Jorge Says:

    1) Safin and not only for his beautiful face but for his intense intellect

    2) Roddick

    3) Haas

    4) Djokovic

  97. redmaxse95 Says:


  98. truerjulie Says:

    I know this is really late but . . .

    1. Safin, hands down the most attractive athlete on earth
    2. Youhzny, so adorably russian
    3. Federer, classic cool
    4. Tipsarevic, tattooed intellectual
    5. Tursunov, California meets Russia

    Honorable Mention:
    Pat Rafter, the original hottie
    Ernests Gulbis, the George Michael Bluth of tennis

  99. Stamp Says:

    1. Federer
    2. Roddick
    3. Novak Djokovic
    4. Nadal
    5. Safin

  100. Chilena! Says:

    Not as late as my post but anyways …

    FERNANDO GONZALEZ hands down! great player, nice person and really hot! He’s got it all !

    1. G
    2. O
    3. N
    4. Z
    5. O

  101. Estel Says:

    1. Tipsarevic (“his soulful eyes burning behind jock-nerdy glasses”:)) and everything about him – really intriguing, attractive guy!)
    . Safin
    . Blake
    . Nadal
    . I can’t choose…

  102. Gise Says:

    Hello everyone!! Great page!!
    have you seen Nalbaldian pics??? mmmm those pretty eyes… or Cañas’ campaing with her girlafriend..?? he’s a hottie too!!! Go Argentinians!!
    Pico Monaco… mmmmm
    Here goes my list…
    1.- Safin
    2.- Hewitt
    3.- Cañas
    4.- Nalbandian
    5.- Ican’t decide … Nadal’s ass o Djokovic..

  103. Juventina Says:

    1. Nadal
    2. Safin
    3. Hewitt
    4. Blake
    5. Troicki

  104. Alex Says:

    Don’t leave out Tsonga, Novak, even Fed.

  105. onetwothreefour Says:

    SAFIN! HOTT-EEEEE fck dead gorrgeeous baby

    roddick. CUTE.

    djokovic. AND HIS BROTHER TOO

    nadal. hot bod.

  106. Just a fan Says:

    you all are confused. In no particular order:

    Feliciano Lopez (though he looks a bit strange)
    JW Tsonga (the new, thinner, winning version)

    Retired Players-

    Marcello Rios (in a creepy, he might have a disease kinda way)
    Malivai Washington (he was actually voted one of Peoples 50 most beautiful once or twice)
    Mark Philippousis (is he even retired? Doesn’t matter)

  107. ana Says:

    2. Rafael
    3. Rafael Nadal

  108. veronica Says:

    oooooooooo mmmmmm i think…

    1 nadal( he’s soOOOOO cute, ilOve him)
    2safin( so hOOOT)
    3 roddick (great body)
    4 djokovic.
    5 gasquet mmmmmmmmm

  109. Adrianna Says:

    Ya’ll Crazy the Serbians r sexy as hell

    1.Janko Tipsarevic
    2.Novak Djokovic
    3.Jo Tsonga

    Its some others sexy ones but it was hard enough writing the others. Scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. niki Says:

    1. F.Gonzalez
    2. L.Hewitt

  111. Mingus Says:

    M. Safin
    D. Young

    alternate – A. Clement (sans shades)

  112. fanfar Says:

    Fernando Gonzalez Go….zoooooooooooooooooo
    Marat Safin
    Feliciano Lopez
    Andy Roddick
    Janko Tipsarevic with no tattoooooooos just naked in sunglasses…

  113. Faith Leah Says:

    1. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga( Did you see his body Oh my God!!!!!!!!!)
    2. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga(What a smile)
    3. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga(Did I mention how sexy he speaks French, he can ask me a question anytime and it will always be Oui, Oui Oui!!!!!!!!!!)
    4. Roger Federer
    5. Novak Djokovic

  114. Mariam Says:

    Absolutely Tipsarevic. He basically personifies both my love of tennis and my love of philosophy! Besides, i thought i was kinda weird for liking such opposite subjects until i saw him…

  115. Qatar Cat Says:

    In no particular order

    Misha Youzhny
    Nole Djokovic
    Rafa Nadal
    Marat Safin
    Carlos Moya

    Can I add 5 more?



  116. tennisfan Says:

    Not enough votes for Yummy Charlie Moya!! How can it be?

    Plus Clement, Youzhny, Safin, Santoro, Gasquet, Lopez (hmmm, those French have something…)
    On the retired side: Sampras, Rafter, and I think Philippoussis should count as that.

  117. MadPrincess Says:

    I like most of the Spaniards!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Rafa!!!!!!!(HOT)
    2. Fernando Verdasco!!!!!!!(omg)
    3. David Ferrer!!!!!!!!(cute)
    4. Feliciano Lopez!!!!!!!!!(those legs)
    5. J.C. Ferrero!!!!!!!!!(hotness)

    The list goes on!!!!!!!!!

  118. srikandi Says:

    My top 5:
    1. Rafa (oh, when he smiles…)
    2. Safin
    3. Blake
    4. Ancic
    5. Tipsarevic

  119. SmileLikeNovak Says:

    Current Best of Best
    1. Novak Djokovic
    2. Tommy Robredo
    3. Juan Monaco
    4. Nicolas Kiefer
    5. Mario Ancic

    Retired Perfection
    1. Stefan Edberg….. did everyone forget?
    2. Jan-Michael Gambill

  120. Terry-Ann Says:

    1. Mario Ancic
    2. Rafael Nadal
    3. Marat Safin
    4. Novak Djokovic
    5. Jo-Wilfred Tsonga

  121. nene Says:

    1. Lleyton Hewitt
    2. Mikhail Youzhny
    3. Feliciano Lopez
    4. Gaston Gaudio
    5. Viktor Troicki

  122. Erwin Says:

    Finally, Troicki gets a shoutout. He reminds me of Ryan Donowho a
    little bit… it’s the big eyes, I think.

  123. Angelique Says:

    Well there was a really cute Russian guy (surprise not Safin) who had long black hair sitting on the Russian bench did anyone notice him and he was quite young.

  124. Lynn Says:

    1. Janko Tipsarevic
    2. James Blake
    3. Marat Safin
    4. Rafael Nadal
    5. Novak Djokovic

  125. Tanja Says:

    1.Andy Roddick
    2.Roger Federer

  126. Anchi Says:

    1. T R O I C K I
    2. T I P S A R E V I C
    3. B O Z O LJ A C
    4. DJ O K O V I C
    5. SS AA FF II NN

  127. Sonnia Says:

    1. Safin
    2. Nole (actually he’s just an idea beihnd Safin already)
    3. Richard Gasquet
    4. Thomas Berdych
    5. Andy Roddick.
    Simple as that 😉

  128. Meryl Says:

    Difficult to choose…

    1. David Ferrer (beautiful eyes! nice face! great body! sweet and genuine person)
    2. Carlos Moya (old-style handsome man, your mom would love him)
    3. Tommy Robredo (pretty guy, nice eyes, almost a model)
    4. Mariano Zabaleta (cool, funny, nice eyes) = watch his TV show “TennisPro” on You Tube
    5. Janko Tipsarevich (sexy weird guy, intelligent…it may be good on bed I think)
    6. Tommy Haas (just pretty, when he’s not fat)
    7. Marat Safin (I don’t like so much as the rest of the women of this world, but he looks great without shirt…)
    8. Mijail Youzhny (cuttie russian soldier)
    9. Thomas Berdych (cuttie czech baby-face)
    Bonus track: Grosjean (I heard he has a ‘big tool’ in his pants!), Brzezicki (lovely blond from Argentina), Del Potro (young with potential), Igor Andreev (russian in the style of safin), Gaudio (he’s not playing too much right now, but remember him on the rolland garros final in 2004)… So, I think that’s all…

  129. Caroline Says:


  130. DanaScully Says:

    1) feliciano lopez
    2) tommy robredo
    3) david ferrer
    4) carlos moya
    5) janko tipsarevic
    6) tommy haas
    7) patrick rafter

  131. olala Says:


  132. olala Says:

    Oh,and james blake

  133. Rach Says:

    1. Andy Roddick (how can you not love him!)
    2. Roger Federer (he has a fabulous body and being #1 proably has something to do with it)
    3. Rafa Nadal (i have a Spainish weakness)
    4. Novak Djokavic (as much as i hate to admit it)
    5. James Blake (cute)

  134. keyk Says:

    i REALLY like mario ancic and andy murray
    (probably the only ones in tennis who look their age =p)

    but when it comes to just being hot and/or good-looking, no one beats
    feliciano lopez
    juan carlos ferrero (i swear, this guy’s a don!)
    olivier patience
    clement (did you see his lacoste commercial way back?)
    robredo (sans wrinkles and bandana)
    davydenko (with 1000 more pounds)
    and yeah.. safin (duh)

  135. Yali Says:

    Haha ok this is fun, although it’s not really that easy. I play competetive tennis myself and love following the professional tours, but it’s hard to judge players on merely their game or merely their looks and personality…we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

    In no particular order…
    Djokovic – really cute, smart, funny, sweet smile… and not bad without the shirt either. love this guy
    Verdasco – nice smile and he was quite cute with short hair
    Ferrero – not bad at all!
    Clement – a little older but still.. he’s got something about him. (When I worked at Stockholm Open this fall Michael Llodra said during the trophy presentation that “my friend is feeling a bit lonely, if anyone has a date for him, let me know”. terrific)
    Coria – saw him at Wimbledon in 2004, very cute close up
    Nalbandian – not exactly good-looking, but he seems like a nice guy when he’s cleaned up and smiling
    Blake – I liked it better when he had long hair though
    Hewitt – without the silly beard… yeah, sure, why not?
    Pim-Pim Johansson – school book good-looking

    I’m not sure I get all this Safin hype though..hehe 😛 and eoow on Haas and Murray

  136. Angelique Says:

    Andres Seppi (looks like a surfer boy)
    Canas (long hair)
    Verdasco (Hott Sauce)
    Tipsy (when he is wearing black)

  137. Monica Says:

    1. Richard Gasquet…so hot in person and very nice
    2. Janko…the tats…he’s slavic…mmm
    3. Dmitri…very very nice
    4. Robby Ginepri…unbelievable in person…I mean…wow
    5. Mario Ancic…mmm…enough said and only takes pics with girl fans
    6. Carlos Moya…so hot up close
    7. Amir Delic…wow wow and more wows and so sweet
    8. Thomas Enqvist…remember him? delicious

  138. Monica Says:

    I forgot that Andy Murray up close and in person is actually quite cute and so is Giles Simon. I used to think Lleyton was cute but he has really bad skin. His wife and daughter are super cute though. Roger is actually quite attractive too. I love Nole very very much but he just looks like a little boy. Juan Carlos is super hot too.

  139. Colette Says:

    Haven’t seen any little boys with a body like Nole’s myself – he looks fully grown up to me!

  140. Monica Says:

    I guess cos I’m 4 yrs older than him I think he’s young. He’s really sweet though. I am super lucky to have met him.

  141. Aline Says:

    Marat Safin is the most handsome guy!!!
    Beatiful smile!!
    A little bit mad!!!
    unpredictable and
    SO TALENTED!!!!!!!
    HE´S A SHOWMAN!!!!!!!

  142. pp2006 Says:

    1.MARAT SAFIN!!!
    2. JC Ferrero
    3. Dmitry Tursunov
    4. Roger Federer
    5. Tommy Haas with short hair

    Gonzo and Tipsy ain’t bad and neither and I think Igor Andreev and JW Tsonga are cute.

  143. Kelsey Says:

    1. JO-WILFRIED TSONGA!!!!!!!!
    2. James Blake
    3. Marcos Baghdatis
    4. Andy Roddick
    5. Richard Gasquet

  144. Katherine Says:

    Well, no surprises so far, though hadsome trouble with giving the places… Not the first one though)

    1 – Marat – The one and the only.
    2 – Rafa – gosh, just sexy… very sexy… and that rapd rattle of Spanish drives me crazy
    3 – Mitya Tursunov – witty six-pack god)
    4 – Hernan Gumi- another Lating guy in my list
    5 – Gonzo….

    Coming up – Roger (nice also, but too much of a king), Andreev (especially wearing a sleeveless shirt),Ferero…

  145. J1m Says:

    1. Roger Federer (Clever, Cool, Calm, Confident)
    2. Filippo Volandri (check out this link http://farm1.static.flickr.com/192/494064254_75efcd7001.jpg, Gosh.. he’s just like a pro model)
    3. Mikhail Youzhny (we need a new Russian hunk, no more Safin please…)
    4. Janko Tipsarevic (his beard’s so sexy..)
    5. NOvak Djokovic

  146. J1m Says:

    sorry, link 4 Filippo Volandri is http://farm1.static.flickr.com/192/494064254_75efcd7001.jpg

    (without comma behind)

  147. momoko Says:

    Novak Nole Djokovic
    Only the One
    Beautiful eyes, cute smile, sexy body
    very inteligent sorry my English is not good
    Nole the best

  148. Jennifer Says:

    1. Safin
    2. Federer

  149. andy girl Says:

    2.Tipsarevic Janko
    3.Blake James
    4.Ancic Mario

  150. ju_lopes Says:

    Fernando Gonzalez he’s soooo cute
    Roddick is nice too

  151. Shan Says:

    1. Kolya Davydenko
    2. Kolya Davydenko
    3. Kolya Davydenko
    4. Kolya Davydenko
    5. Kolya Davydenko
    Just can’t take my eyes off him)

    1. Mario Ancic
    2. Janko Tipsarevic
    3. Jonas Bjorkman
    4. Marin Cilic
    5. Nenad Zimonjic

    But only Kolya makes my heart beat like mad…

  152. station_d Says:

    1. The Russians (Safin, Tursunov, Youzhny, Andreev)
    2. The Spaniards (Robredo, Lopez, Moya, Verdasco)
    3. The Serbs (Djokovic, Tipsarevic)
    4. The French (Clement, Gasquet)

    and for some reason, and I might be the only person with this opinion

    5. Ljubicic

    something about his bald head is totally hot

  153. mrs r Says:

    1. Andy Roddick
    2. andrew Stephen Roddick
    3. A-Rodd
    4. Little Roddick
    5. Uh, does andy have any other nicknames?

    he is talented, FUNNY, gorgeous, hot, and he replies fans on his official facebook account, HOW SWEET!!!

    can’t get enough of him. ❤ Andy Roddick

    And, oh, I guess novak isn’t too shabby either…

  154. Katherine Says:

    hehehehe, station_d, loved your rating)))) But does the group of Spaniards include Rafa?

  155. KisSerbia Says:

    NOLE D. <33333333

    Oh and again..
    Serbias’s finest* (L)

  156. Daniela Says:

    ps tipsa is ok too

  157. antoaneta Says:

    1 safin
    3 gaudio
    4 tussunov
    5 lopez
    6 tipsa

  158. mad dog Says:

    In no order:

    David Ferrer
    Andy Roddick
    Roger Federer
    Feliciano Lopez

  159. Emma Says:

    1-Andy Roddick


  160. ana from SERBIA Says:

    Serbia is most beautiful countru, Novak,Janko,Jelena and Ana are the best! AND By the way…KOSOVO IS SERBIA…!!!
    This is my list
    Novak Djokovic…. most charming
    Marat Safin…. most beautiful
    Janko Tipsarevic
    Tommy Hass
    Roger Federer


  161. Jeff Says:

    1. Dmitry Tursunov
    2. Julien Benneteau
    3. James Blake
    4. Andy Roddick
    5. Roger Federer

  162. Angelique Says:

    1. Canas (I love his booty shorts) can someone do a post on this please
    2. Andreev
    3. Pico
    4. Gonzo
    5. Flo-Lo
    6. Mischa

  163. Snezza Says:

    Novak Djokovic
    Roger Federer
    Marat Safin
    Janko Tipsarevic
    David Nalbandian

    Carlos Moya
    Rafael Nadal
    Mikhail Youzhny
    Viktor Troicki
    Jo Vilfred TSonga

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC je najbolji teniser na svetu! Nole, kralj si! Voli te tvoja Srbija. . .

  164. MISHA Says:





  165. Weci Says:

    1. Nadal
    2. Roddick
    3. Djokovic
    4. Haas
    5. Safin

  166. KiM Says:

    1. Novak Djokovic
    2. Janko Tipsarevic
    3. Roger Federer
    4. Carlos Moya
    5. Rafael Nadal

  167. ANNA Says:

    SAFIN. . . NOLE. . . NADAL. . . FEDERER. . . RODDICK. . .

  168. ks Says:

    novak djokovic

  169. Marina Says:

    Ok let’s start:

    1.Janko Tipsarevic…oh my God…
    2.Novak Djokovic…veeeery cute and charming
    3.Roger Federer….well he is handsome but…Tipsa and Nole rule

  170. ana Says:


  171. Jovany Says:

    roddick, blake, ferrero, gasquet, and safin……also love ginepri, ferrer, tipsarevic, and acusaso

  172. S. V Says:

    Novak Djokovic, Mart Safin ,Janko Tipsarevic, Mario Ancic, Tommy Hass

  173. Maria Says:

    1. Novak Djokovic Ana Ivanovic
    2. Marat Safin Jelena Jankovic
    3. Rafel Nadal Maria Sharapova
    4. Roger Federer Maria Kirilenko
    5. Janko Tipsarevic Svetlana Kuznetsova

  174. Toxic Says:

    Tough one…

    Marat Safin
    Carlos Moya
    Janko Tipsarevic
    Patrick Rafter
    Fernando Gonzalez

  175. Majerika Says:

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Novak Djokovic
    3. Rafael Nadal
    4. Andy Roddick
    5. Fernando Gonzalez

    well i luv all them!

  176. Momo Says:

    1. Nadal
    2. Ferre
    3. Feliciano Lopez
    4. Fernando Verdasco
    5. james Blake

  177. Vida Says:


  178. Tina Says:

    ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  179. Daniela Says:

    1º Feliciano Lopez: gorgeous!
    2º Marat Safin: a bad boy
    3º Rafa Nadal: body, smile, hair and ass!!!!!
    4º Fernando Verdasco: if you take atention you’ll see that he is very cute
    5º JCFerrero or Blake or Moya (what a man!) or even the cute Mario Ancic

    in WTA: no doubts Sharapova, a goddess!

  180. Marina Says:

    And I forgot …
    Andy Roddick

  181. olivia Says:

    1. Nadal (he’s got everything: heart-melting smile, amazing bod, intensity, good manners…)
    2. Safin (but only when he’s not throwing his racquet)
    3. Ancic
    4. Moya
    5. Blake

  182. MARISOL Says:


    I realize I can’t decide on the order but my top five are:
    MARAT SAFIN (intense……. I love it when he gets mad…. is that kinky?)
    NOLE DJOKOVIC (funny……. confident, and those eyes! )
    YOUZHNY (cute)
    J. C FERRERO ( cute)

  183. susie Says:

    1- Marcelo rios- he is the hottest boy I ve ever seen
    2- Gonzo
    3- Blake

  184. Ana Says:

    Do you heard for Serbian ILIJA BOZOLJAC? He is really beautiful, and he is about 200 place in ATP…
    And Marat Safin, Feliciano Lopez, Janko Tipsarevic…

  185. olivia Says:

    1. Andy Roddick, 2. Marat Safin,. 3.Tommy Haas, 4. Michael Gambill (where is he?), 5. Mark Phillipoussis.

  186. Daniela Says:

    let’s make justice……

    1º Marat Safin (who else….)
    2º Feliciano Lopez…. style, style and style
    3º Rafa Nadal (the smile, the butt, the hair…. too cute)
    4º Fernando Verdasco (what a hot pice of spain!!!!
    5º Haas & JCFerrero (two mens that still got it)

  187. andra Says:

    1. joao sousa – 19 year old portuguese guy, saw him once…
    2. safin – throwing raquets, of course
    3. juan carlos ferrero -off court, in photo sessions;)
    4. federer – “be quiet!”…loved that
    5. rafa – all smiles:)

  188. Julian Says:

    Richard Gasquet on court.

    Richard Gasquet off-court.

    Richard Gasquet in a suit.

    Richard Gasquet without a cap.

    Richard Gasquet wearing a cap.


  189. Dale Says:

    Rafael Nadal!!!

    David Ferrer

    Andy Roddick

    Mikhail Youzhny

  190. Novak Djokovic and Kosovo Says:

    Djokovic, made a taped speech last month for a rally in Belgrade in which he spoke against Kosovo’s independence. “My life is tennis, my life is sport, this is my job,” Djokovic said. “I’m not trying to get involved in politics, and this is the final sentence from me. I gave that speech because I felt very bad and very disappointed in what’s going on in our country. “The people who know my past and they understand what I’m saying — my father and my aunt, my uncle all grew up there. They were born in KOSOVO, on the NORTH KOSOVO and my family used to live there for 30 years. I was there many times. So it kind of touched me in that moment that this was my quest to give support by my country.”

    K O S O V O (Albanian: Kosova; Serbian: Косово и Метохија; Kosovo i Metohija) is a disputed territory on the Balkan Peninsula.
    Following the Kosovo War in 1999 the territory came under the interim administration of the United Nations. In February 2008, the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, an assembly under UNMIK, declared Kosovo’s independence as the Republic of Kosovo (Albanian: Republika e Kosovës). Its independence is recognized by some countries and opposed by others, including the Republic of Serbia, which continues to claim sovereignty over it as the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija ,Kosovo’s total population is estimated between 1.9 and 2.2 million …92% Albanians, 5.3% Serbs and 2.7% others . Before 1999 and Kosovo war, on Kosovo lived about 500.000 Serbs, and now there are only about 150.000 serbs.

    NORTH KOSOVO or Northern Kosovo (Serbian: Северно Косово, Severno Kosovo; Albanian: Kosova Veriore) is an unofficial name for a region in the northern part of Kosovo with an ethnic Serb majority that functions largely autonomously from the remainder of the ethnic-Albanian-majority state, instead operating as a de facto part of Serbia. Ibarski Kolašin (Ибарски Колашин), a Serbian toponym that pre-dates the ethnic conflict of the 1990s, is also used to refer to the area.

  191. Novak Djokovic Says:

    The air in Belgrade, even on a sunny winter morning, has a pervasive chemical tang — a toxic mix of coal smoke, bus exhaust, and the raw effluents of heavy industry. The city has actually fallen on hard times since the bloody dismemberment of Yugoslavia, though its standard of living has been falling for 25 years. Belgrade’s leaders and their armies fought and lost four wars in the 1990s, and the territory they rule, which now consists of Serbia alone, continues to shrink with the recently declared independence of Kosovo, a rebel southern province. Serbia is, in short, a humbled and broken country, its international reputation blackened by the atrocities of ethnic cleansing — and the Serbs, always fond of salvation narratives, are these days in need of a redeemer.
    From all appearances, they have settled on Djoković. His hatchet face, his burning eyes seem to be on every front page, on every billboard. “He has done more for this country than any politician,” my first Belgrade cabdriver told me. A visitor has to remind himself frequently that Djoković is just a tennis player — a tennis player who is now 20. When Djoković comes home from the tour, the prime minister meets him at the airport; thousands of people gather for frenzied celebrations outside City Hall. Tennis, never before a big sport in Serbia, is suddenly the country’s consuming passion. It’s not simply that Djoković — along with two other locals, Jelena Janković and Ana Ivanović, rising stars on the women’s circuit — has lately shown people that tennis can be a road to fame and fortune. It’s also, poignantly, that he presents to the outside world an infinitely more attractive face than the sinister gangsters and seedy war criminals whom most foreigners learned to associate with Serbs in recent years. At least that’s what I think that cabbie meant.
    It’s hard to overstate the extent of Novakmania. When he and I meet, at the modest offices of his family’s sports-marketing business out in the concrete-block sprawl of New Belgrade, he sits at a desk, lanky and loose-jointed, wearing jeans and a rumpled white collarless shirt. He extols the charms of the medieval city just across the river — the traditional Serbian restaurants, the great old neighborhoods, the nightclubs — known as splavovi — on barges in the Danube. Unfortunately, he admits, he can no longer walk through the streets of his hometown. “People recognize me and — I don’t want to say bother me — but they just come up. It’s not really relaxing. All eyes on you.”
    This is true even when he’s halfway across the world. After Djoković beat Federer in Montreal, the awards emcee described him as a Croatian. Djoković gently corrected him — too gently, according to Serbian nationalists back home. Debates about his patriotism raged in the Belgrade papers. At other times, he has inflamed anti-nationalists by flashing the Serbian three-fingered victory salute after matches. To many Balkan people, this salute is deeply ominous. It was the signature gesture of the Serbian militias — Milošević’s death squads — in Bosnia and Croatia and Kosovo. Djoković told me, defensively: “I’m not extremist. Three fingers is our symbol. It’s like you have two fingers for peace. Three fingers is for us, for Serbia. That’s what all the people throughout the history of this country did, when they are successful and when they want to show where they’re from.” (That is not quite true — the salute was popularized in the early 1990s by Vuk Drašković, a nationalist intellectual. But, to be fair, young Serbs like Djoković grew up with it, and most don’t associate it with war.) At any rate, Djoković says he’s not even interested in politics.
    Still, there’s no escaping such things in Serbia. The basic question facing the country today is whether to turn toward Europe in hopes of joining the E.U. or toward Putin’s Russia, which wants Serbia in its orbit. This decision has historic implications, and Serbs are fiercely divided over it. Djoković comes down on the side of the E.U., which he thinks promises greater prosperity and a chance to leave the dark past behind. But the loss of Kosovo — and the E.U. has strongly backed its independence — is a very painful business for most Serbs, including Djoković. His father, Srdjan, comes from Kosovo, and as a result Novak considers it his true home. Joining Europe, moreover, means joining the enemy from the last Yugoslav war in 1999, when NATO bombers pounded Belgrade with thousands of airstrikes for 78 days. Young Djoković was there throughout the terror. “Very bad memories,” he says. “It’s something which I don’t really like to talk about.”
    That year — 1999 — is, however, another inescapable subject. Lining a wall of the room where we talk are many trophies, but the one that Djoković jumps up to show me is an odd-looking gold-plated spire that he received after playing a local charity match. “Do you see this tower?” he asks. “It’s called Avala Tower. This tower is a symbol for Belgrade. Whenever you come to the city from the south, you see this. It was the biggest radio and TV transmitter in our country, and NATO forces, they crushed it. Now they’re planning to build a beautiful, even taller one, so we were playing a charity exhibition to raise money for the rebuilding.” Djoković relates this story without rancor. War happens; it’s horrific; he’s just doing his bit for his town.
    The Serbian Tennis Federation has no courts, no training facilities. So how did the country, with less than 10 million people and no strong tennis tradition, suddenly begin producing world-class players? Dušan Orlandić, the Federation’s general manager, told me, “It’s like we had a garage for a Yugo, which was the world’s worst car, and then one day we get up and find parked in there a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a Formula One car.” Janko Tipsarević, another young pro from Belgrade, reckons it may have been something in the depleted uranium of all those NATO bombs.

  192. Nena Says:

    I have only to say – Marat Safin… He is really beautiful

  193. Troy Says:

    There are a couple of hotties some people are forgetting. My top 5 would be:
    1. Volandri
    2. Youzhny
    3. Djokovic
    4. Tipsarevic
    5. Gasquet

  194. Shannon Says:

    Novak Djokovic
    Marat Safin
    Roger Federer
    Feliciano Lopez
    Carlos Moya
    Rafael Nadal
    Janko Tipsarevic
    Mario Ancic
    Juan Monaco
    Andy Roddick
    James Blake

  195. pree Says:

    1. Rafael Nadal!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous boy…amazing game, body n smile!
    2. Novak djokovic
    3. Andy Roddick
    4. Feliciano Lopez
    5. Marat Safin
    6. Roger Federer

  196. Why do women love tennis? | TennisGrandStand Says:

    […] you ask my readers, they’ll seay it’s all about a Russian, a German, and a few […]

  197. Dunia Mavare Says:

    Roger Federer
    Jan Michael Gambill
    Patrick Rafter
    Juan Carlos Ferrero
    Marat Safin

  198. mickey Says:

    1.RAFA NADAL- ilooovve his sexy BODY, cute SMILE and above all, his famous ASS.also the hair-“sweat” look.

    2.FELICIANO LOPEZ-beautiful eyes.


  199. Snexy Says:

    Nole Djokovic

  200. Reggie Says:

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Rafael Nadal
    3. Marat Safin
    4. Dmitry Tursunov
    5. Janko Tipsarevic

    Honorable Mention:
    -James Blake
    -Fernando Verdasco

  201. annette! Says:

    1. Jonathan Eysseric
    2. Rafa Nadal
    3. Janko Tipsarevic
    4. Marat Safin
    5. Mikhail Youzhny

  202. annette! Says:

    ahaha just thought i throw this in…
    Radek Stepanek is the ugliest human being on earth.
    and i use the term “human being” lightly.

  203. Erwin Says:

    Martina Hingis and Nicole Vaidisova certainly don’t think so!

  204. annette! Says:

    hahaa that’s what scares me :]

  205. gagster Says:

    1. djokovic
    2. mathieu
    3. bennetteau
    4. nadal
    5. falla

  206. hullabulooah Says:

    Annette – totally agree bout Radek Stepanek!! eugh eugh eugh eugh!!!

    Jeremy Chardy (cuteness!! he’s my new fav!)
    Johnathan Eysseric (can’t believe he’s only just turned 18…he looks older!)
    Jamie Murray (the goofy smile, the teeth, his hilarious nicknames, the cute lil freckles, the gorge Scottish accent, the wacky ‘FRO!…ya gotta love him !!!)

    Eyecatchers: John Isner! Marat Safin! Roger Federer (the man has style!) Djokovic… before he grew a beard and stopped being funny!

  207. Mary Says:

    1- Safin
    2- Federer
    3- Gasquet
    4- Djokovic
    5- Mathieu

  208. Jessica Says:

    I think that Marat Safin is most beautiful tennis player! Olso, there is Janko Tipsarevic, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic… BUT MARAT IS REALLY MOST BEAUTIFUL PLAYER!!!

  209. Rosie Says:

    1 – MARAT SAFIN (simply perfect)
    2 – DAVID FERRER (sex on legs)
    3 – NOVAK DJOKOVIC (puppy eyes)
    4 – RAFAEL NADAL (if his ass coul talk…)
    5 – FERNANDO VERDASCO (his voice… those lips…)

  210. sweetness Says:


  211. sweetness Says:

    & Hewitt

  212. Victoria Says:

    Safin (hate his temper though)

  213. Victoria Says:


    Federer (#1 player!)
    Djovokic (great sense of humour)
    Feliciano Lopez

    honorable mention:

  214. keyk Says:

    i got a new one!

    i saw his interview and he seriously looks like a hybrid of ROBREDO, LOPEZ and SAFIN (aka the best-looking men in the tennisdom)!

    this guy’s UNREAL!

  215. Maria Says:

    1. Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo
    2. Sebastien Grosjean
    3. Gaston Gaudio
    4. Diego Hartfield
    5. Janko Tipsarevic

  216. ally Says:

    1. Marat Safin
    2. Marat Safin
    3. Marat Safin
    4. Marat Safin
    5. Marat Safin

    ‘Nuf said 🙂

  217. ems Says:

    definitely Safin. not only is he drop-dead-gorgeaus, he’s also stylish and he’s got a nice personality. then up next is Tipsarevic, really cute guy. Djokovic is not bad either. Ernests Gulbis is a sweet one. then Fernando Verdasco, saw him close up, really an eyecandy.

    I also love Gustavo Kuerten, what a smile!!

  218. Hullalbulooah Says:

    i feel i have to add another one to my list: Ernests Gulbis!!

  219. Amanda Lee Says:

    1. marat safin.

    plain and simple is the most gorgeous sexy manliest beast i’ve seen in a long time.

    eveyrone else is cute. hello, tennis players are so handsome!

  220. Jimbo Says:


  221. taylor nyman Says:

    nadal (forever and ever)
    isner :]

  222. me Says:


  223. me Says:


  224. Sneza, Serbia Says:


  225. rebecca Says:

    1) F. Lopez
    2) J. Tipsarevic
    3) JC Ferrero
    4) T. Robredo
    5) N. Djokovic

    safin is gd looking but temper a lil scary

  226. rebecca Says:

    oh there used to be a guillermo coria..small argentina on clay before nadal came along.

  227. Ranjitbhandal88 Says:

    1st tings 1st, tennis i cld watch all day (& wen its on, i do) & is by far da best sport eva. Now 4 da important part, da fitties =D….

    *Novak Djokovic (perfect in every way….even wen he loses, we stil get 2 c dat adorable smile of his. & 2 whoeva mentioned his eyes, my reply is WOW!!!!! they r stunning)

    *James Blake (gr8 story, luv da grunts he makes & his smile is amazin. Oh and he is by far da fittest bald guy in da world)

    *Marat Safin (even hotter wen hes angry, but dnt lyk him as much wit da ponytail)

    *Pete Sampras (was da 1st tennis player dat caught ma eye)

    *Mario Ancic (reminds me of karate kid, hes got a cute face)

    I hold my hands up & plead guilty 2 bein absolutely obsessed wen it cums 2 watchin tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 da sport & da GUYS. Go Nole, i will cry tears of joy da day he bcums world numba 1 =D, ‘impossible is nothing’ (yes dat was cheesy, but so true!!!!!) hehe xxxxx

  228. chocholate Says:

    1. novak djokovic
    2. novak djokovic
    3. novak djokovic
    4. novak djokovic
    5. novak djokovic

    …I love them all. =))) jokin`…
    j`adore nole :x.

  229. sweetie Says:

    nole is the best ever. even if he is not no. 1 in the atp rankings, 4 me, he`s no. 1. 4 eva`.
    he`s awesome 8->.
    he`s sexy :”>.
    he`s got loooovely eyes ;).
    he`s f*****g fabulouus !!!

  230. juju Says:

    1 – fernando gonzalez
    2 – janko tipsarevic
    3 – rafael nadal
    4 – marat safin
    5 – agustin calleri

  231. Chiara Says:

    1 Marat Safin (simply the best)
    2 Novak Djokovic
    3 David Ferrer
    4 Richard Gasquet
    5 Roger Federer

    ps i forgot young McEnroe

  232. Yali Says:

    Erwin, you need not bother putting my comment back, I can give you an update instead 😉

    – Novak Djokovic (hello gorgeous! the eyes! the SMILE! and for some reason I really like his haircut, it suits him)
    – Fernando Verdasco (oooh that smile! but he must keep his hair short)
    -Juan Carlos Ferrero (there are a lot of reasons to watch this guy play, even though he is not No 1 anymore)
    – Lleyton Hewitt (it seems he gets better looking and nicer every year that goes by, don’t you think?)
    – Guillermo Coria (good call Rebecca, I have always loved him. Great smile and very cute close up)
    – Jeremy Chardy (where has he been all these years?)
    – Arnaud Clement (older, but still charming, and again, what a smile)

    Not quite there but still…:
    Olivier Patience
    Simone Bolelli
    Ernests Gulbis
    Pim-Pim Johansson (retired, I know…)

    and the uglies:
    Radek Stepanek (I wonder why Nicole Vaidisova is playing so poorly at the moment..?)
    Guillermo Canas
    Jamie and Andy Murray
    Tommy Haas
    no offense, but I cannot stand any of them! :p

  233. i am smiling Says:


    but` nole is the best :x:x:x:x:x.

  234. Ximenita Says:

    1. Fernando González

  235. Yo Says:

    1. Fernando Gnozález
    2. Novak Djokovic
    3. James Blake
    4. Fernando Verdasco
    5. Rafa Nadal

  236. Angelique Says:


    The rest I agree on your fugli list except Canas. I really like his look. He has a hot bod and a lovely smile. Are you able explain why you don’t like him.

  237. Yali Says:

    Angelique: the list is entirely subjective, so it is not strange that we do not have exactly the same taste:)
    As for Canas, I suppose I dislike him partly because of his doping business, which did not exactly do much for neither his image nor his body which seems, well, a bit fake. and the ponytail and greasy hair makes him look a bit like a drug dealer…sorry 😛

  238. Saskia Says:

    1. Andy Murray
    2. Ernests Gulbis (the.hair! That and the fact that he’s completely beautiful)
    3. Tim Henman
    4. Joachim Johansson
    5. Tipsy

  239. Marie Says:

    1. Roger (he’s absolutely GOREGOUS!!)
    2. Rafa (HOTT)
    3. Verdasco (very good looking)
    4. Hewitt
    5. Tipsarevic (not bad)

  240. emi Says:

    new edition:

    1. Richard Gasquet
    2. Ernest Gulbis
    3. Marat Safin
    4. Sebsatien Grosjean
    5. Paul-Henri Mathieu

  241. Alyssa Says:

    Nole, Nole, Nole!!!

  242. brad Says:

    1. safin
    2. youzny
    3. verdasco
    4. paul-henri matheiu
    5. tommy haas

  243. i Says:

    1. nole
    2. novak
    3. novak djokovic
    4. djokovic
    5. novak djokovic from serbia =))

    i simply luv` him :x.

  244. A little french girl :) Says:

    1- DJOKOVIC of course , I simply love him too 🙂
    2- Gaël Monfils
    3- P-H Mathieu
    4- Michael Llodra
    5- and J-W Tsonga

  245. dancingchef Says:

    !. federer (sexy, classy, and can play a kick a$$ tennis)
    2. djopkovic ( in his undies or less)
    3. jonathan eysseric ( watch out for this young cute hottie)
    4. safin (big boy…i like someone i can climb)
    5. clement (boyish man…and i think he’s french)

    my runner-ups:
    nadal”s big a$$….(my hump)
    blake (just to have an American on the list)
    janko tipsaveric (Men’s Vogue to prove it!)

  246. Eugene Says:

    1- Verdasco
    2- Tipsarevic
    3- Robredo
    5- Delic

    Honorable Mention: Chardy, Federer, Djokovic, Tursonov, Kohlschreiber

  247. Mono Says:

    1. Richard Gasquet (French accent a BIG +)
    2. Tommy Haas (no explanations needed)
    3. Janko Tipsarevic (sexy smart)
    4. Nicolas Kiefer (pinch those cheeks)
    5. James Blake (beautiful rather than hot, actually)

  248. clairebear Says:

    i think that lleyton hewitt is the most beautiful, wonderful tennis player on the entire world. 🙂

    also, i think marat safin is gorgeous, but be whines a lot and has a crappy attitude about everything…

    my third choice would have to be richard gasquet. he plays sooo beautifully and he absolutely adorable.

    i think tsonga is extremely attractive as well; he really does remind me of ali… haha.

    and last but not least: paul-henri matieu (so?). what can i say? i have a soft spot for the french boys. 🙂

  249. Ikillthepromqueen Says:

    1. Safin (the hottest ever!!!)
    2. Đoković (adorable and funny =D)
    3. Gulbis (not bad, but a bit weird xD)
    4. Ancić ( sooo cute)
    5. Tipsarević (has a hot voice =P )

  250. d3licious Says:

    1. nadal (of course)
    2. djokovic
    3. gasquet
    4. tipsarevic
    5, safin (he actually is very attractive now that i think about it)

  251. Saint Mark Says:

    1. Andy Roddick
    2. Youzhny
    3. Safin
    4. Tipsaravic
    5. Tsonga

  252. Alexandra Says:

    Well… I can not decide between Janko and Nole… I guess I’m into Janko’s playing and stuff a lot longer then in Djokovic (althought he is sooo cute) So O chose smart (and it’s so rare) and tatto-greatbody-sexyeyes Tipsy

  253. Rumbler Says:


  254. Ladybird Says:

    1. Marat Safin – best looking player on tour!
    2. Tommy Haas
    3. Andy Roddick
    4. Rafael Nadal
    5. Pat Rafter

  255. Sabs Says:

    1. Marat Safin
    2. Dmitry Tursunov
    3. Nicolas Kiefer
    4. Tommy Haas
    5. Juan Carlos Ferrero

    These guys have been my top boys for years

    Runners: Juan Monaco, Jo-W-Tsonga, Janko Tipsarevic

  256. Sabs Says:

    Damn – I never knew him as a play, but after looking him up…..Rafter as well for sure!

  257. Yoli Says:

    Marat Safin get’s my vote 100 %
    Nadal is built and all but he is too boyish to be HOT, …to me.

  258. Kathy Says:

    1. Federer – just perfect
    2. Safin – so sexy!!
    3. Nadal – can’t get enough of him
    4. Tommy Haas – seeing him shirtless…wow
    5. Fernando Verdasco – cute and sexy

  259. Kathy Says:

    wait I forgot a few
    6. Paul-Henri Mathieu – just gorgeous
    7. Tommy Robredo
    8. Pete Sampras

    and Safinette….you really cracked me up!!!
    Marat speaking English is soooooooo sexy!!!!

  260. Roger_Fan Says:


    1.ROGER FEDERER-Without shirt with those beautiful hairs on his stomach and perfect muscles…
    2.Roger-talking in interwiew and saying his alltime word “Well,You know,I mean”
    3.Roger-playing on the court and his hair flying in the wind…

  261. Clo Says:

    1. Marat Safin (who else?)
    2. Tommy Haas
    3. Juan Carlos Ferrero
    4. Feliciano Lopez
    5. Nicolas Kiefer

    HM: Tommy Robredo, Rafael Nadal, Jeremy Chardy, Jonathan Esyrric, Arnaud Clement…

  262. michele cruz Says:

    1) rafael nadal

    2) david nalbandian

    3) fernando gonzalez

    4) marat safin

    5) eduardo schwank

  263. Rosie Says:

    I’m going to add Richard Gasquet to my list… simply adorable!

  264. Sannak Says:

    My two favorites:Both nª1 are going to play SF Davis Cup in Buenos Aires
    1-David Nalbandian- So cute and a killer smile. I saw him up close at ATP Buenos Aires and he is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1-Marat Safin My other favorite!!! Beautiful man and lovely smile.
    3-Tommy Haas
    4-Jose “Chucho” Acasuso
    5- David Ferrer

  265. cherrymonkey Says:


  266. Sylvia Says:

    Ernests Gulbis is completely gorgeous !!!!!

    also, Federer, Tipsarevic, Isner, Haase, Dancevic….but yeah mainly Gulbis!

  267. I love Rafa Says:

    RAFAEL NADAL!!!! He’s the only one for me ❤ :DDD

  268. Teo Says:

    1)Marat Safin, without a shadow of a doubt the “gorgeous-est” man on this bloody planet and universe for all it’s worth.Not only is his physique a killer(i have learned NEVER to look at any Marat pic 4 hours before going to bed,because if i do…i won’t be able to get any sleep) but also he has such a fascinating personality.And he looks good from any possible angle.

    2)Rafael Nadal…well,the body speaks for itself and also his adorable smile,and his shyness off-court,combined with his paradoxical aggression on-court.And he’s humble and down to earth.Love you Rafa!He’s my fave tennis player

    3)Tipsarevic,ok,so he’s not even close to the above-mentioned two hunks,but he has something so alluring in him…

    4)unbelievable,i know,(being a fanatic RAFA-fan)Federer.But only and only when he’s wearing black,like he did in 2007’s US Open.I don’t like him generally,but i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw him in that outfit…

  269. Rosie Says:

    There’s something about Gilles Simon that also drives me crazy. So, my new list is as follows:

    1 – MARAT SAFIN (simply perfect)
    2 – RICHARD GASQUET (adorable)
    3 – GILLES SIMON (he’s got something…)
    4 – DAVID FERRER (sex on legs)
    5 – NOVAK DJOKOVIC (puppy eyes)
    6 – RAFAEL NADAL (if his ass coul talk…
    7 – FERNANDO VERDASCO (his voice… those lips…

  270. robby Says:

    just Ginepri……..Ginepri…Ginepri…..he is the most beautiful man in the world…..i love him…..

  271. Alli Says:

    1. Marat Safin (can I get a mop and bucket, please?)
    2. Stanislas Wawrinka (who knew such hotness lurked in Roger’s shadow?)
    3. Gilles Simon (There’s something about French men)
    4. Richard Gasquet (Ditto)
    5. Stefan Edberg (just for old times’ sake – remember those shorty shorts?)

  272. Gary Says:

    1. Janko Tipsarevic (hot! agree with CheezeWhiz “Something about a boy with tats, piercings, geeky glasses and bulging biceps that reads Russian literature and German philosophy. Okay.”)
    2. Nicolas Kiefer (short haired version)
    3. Alex Corretja
    4. Dmitry Tursunov
    5. Marat Safin
    6. Robbie Ginepri
    7. James Blake

  273. Danittax Says:

    2 NADAL
    3 SAFIN
    4 HEWITT

  274. dAn! Says:

    My list…
    1- Novak Djokovic ❤
    2- Mario Ancic
    3- Marat Safin
    4- Andy Roddick
    5- Agustin Calleri / David Ferrer (Couldn’t decide!)

  275. Sonja Says:

    I have to add Gilles Simon to my list as well. He’s cute, got a sexy french accent, and he sorta reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix… LOL

  276. jolene Says:

    ı’m exactly agree with safinette. marat safin is always #1

  277. pol Says:

    1. NADAL- it has to be, he is the most beautiful thing i have ever set my eyes upon and plus hes a great player!
    2. Djokovic
    3. Safin
    4. Gasquet
    5. Jamie Murray

  278. Nelson Says:

    Nadal – Gorgeous body and the hottest ass on the tour
    Roddick – Cute smile and also has a nice ass
    Gasquet – Most adorable guy on the tour
    Haas – Gotta love the Germans
    Hewitt – I’m a sucker for Aussies

    Runner ups:
    Frank Dancevic
    Robby Ginepri
    Stanislas Wawrinka

  279. Tanja Says:

    1. Novak Djokovic
    2. Nadal
    3. Janko Tipsarevic
    4. Federer (you’ve got to love him) =)
    5. Mario Ancic

    and Safin, and Andy Roddick

  280. elizabennet Says:

    Hottest of All Time? Doesn’t that mean the one person with, objectively speaking, the best looks, biggest charisma etc?

    Surely that’s MARAT SAFIN, the Errol Flynn of the ATP tour, and the only man who makes other players look like weedy schoolboys. He’s a six-foot-four smouldering Russian Adonis of beauty so perfect you want to weep.

    Fact: even his on-court craziness drives women wild.

    Bonus points: cool name, insane humour, total lack of vanity, the I-party-when-I-want-to attitude, coach Hernan Gumy.

    Safin cannot be oblivious to the effect he has (on both sexes, I might add) but then, he doesn’t give a damn, does he? and that’s exactly why he’s HOAT! I’d be his ballgirl anyday.

    Felice Lopez. Sultry, lycra-loving pre-Raphaelite gym bunny.
    Ferrero. Rocking the debauched aristocrat vibe.
    Moya. Another he-man, master of the headband.
    Haas. 70s leisurewear model/Ken doll hybrid.
    Nadal. Musclebound Mama’s boy. How he gets through the day without his arse being grabbed left and right is beyond me.

    Sorry but I still don’t get…
    Roddick. What’s hot about gluing a sweat-soaked baseball cap to your skull?
    Federer. A class act but about as sexy as a Bible circle.
    Murray. Feral teenager with hair like a sofa explosion.
    Stepanek. Creature from the Black Lagoon.

  281. foxy lady Says:

    Marat safin is hottest by far, he is so beautiful that he make’s all other men seem obsolete, i mean there is nothing that isnt perfect about him, he has a masculine beauty that is very rare, and very few men are blessed with it. for example look at armony in his feature’s, he has a perfect manly jaw, gorgeous high cheekbone’s, very well defined eyebrow’s, gorgeous smile, the most beautiful sexy pair of eye’s i’ve ever seen, gorgeous hair, and his body is a tall 6’4 frame of exquisite sexy devine manly perfection, and his inner beauty is just as perfect as his phisical beauty. and god that sexy russian accent of his, and yes i do get turned on when he looses his temper on court. What a man!!

  282. emina Says:

    1. marat safin
    2. gasquet
    3. feliciano lopez
    4. djokovic
    5. rafter

  283. Longcat Says:

    I’m just a little disturbed by Foxy Lady’s quite… detailed descripted of Marat Safin and how she is turned on by him

    Okay a lot disturbed.

    In fact that’s happened a lot during my reading of most of this.

    I’ll admit he looks nice in a suit, just a bit crazy for me.

    Lu Yen-Hsun is pretty good looking though. Nice change from South Americans, Europeans, and Spanish.

  284. elizabennet Says:

    But that is precisely the Safin effect!! Something about him makes otherwise rational people go gaga, from fans to TV commentators to fellow players. He’s hugely popular because of his off-the-wall personality, not in spite of it.

    Power to Foxy Lady then, for a heartfelt description of Marat’s features. I don’t doubt if Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be busy writing another hundred sonnets in praise of this man’s stratospheric beauty.

  285. Aneme Says:

    Safin: sexy and dangerous bad boy
    Nadal: gorgeous sexy sweetness and innocence
    Feli Lopez: unbelieveable beautiful metrosexual, amazing eyes

  286. laura Says:

    New list:
    5)tied (I wish): Robredo/Ancic

    Who dropped from the top to the very bottom of my list today? Nole.
    Beauty isn’t all if you happen to be a heartless-cheating-cruel long time gf traitor that let’s fame go to head & drops real love for some money hungry cougar!!! shame, shame on you..

  287. sophie Says:

    1. Federer – with a shirt, without a shirt, in a suit, in jeans…the man is a god.
    2. Tipsarevic – intense and thoughtful and damn hot as well.
    [bit of a gap between these two and anyone else]
    3. Clement – got a nice pirate thing going on.
    4. Safin – pretty good looking.
    5. Wawrinka – not so hot but very very cute.

    And that’s about it I think. Though I really must mention one of the most beautiful men to ever grace a tennis court, umpire Carlos Ramos. I mean wow. He is stunning.

  288. sophie Says:

    Oh and just to add… MURRAY?! Wtf?

  289. Adriana Says:


    ALSO:Tommy Haas,James Blake, Mario Ancic, Tommy Robredo, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, David Ferrer,Robert Kendrick, Robby Ginepri and Janko Tipsarevic.

  290. ~-'-_PHANTOM_-'-~ Says:

    1.Nole Djoker ….
    2.Jnako Tipsarevic (looks way better without the beard)
    3.Mario Ancic (looks babyish..bt man he has a rough voice)
    4.Juan Carlos Ferero
    5.Roger Federer/Andy Roddick

  291. Xenia Says:

    Marat Mikhailovich Safin, the only trully beautiful man in tennis, and one of very few beautiful men in general. He is a manly, tall dark, amazingly handsome speciman, that i only thought dream’s were made of. And his eye’s are the most stunningly beautiful and soulful pair of eye’s that i have ever seen. I look at all other men and realize how pathetic they all are in comparison. And it’s not just about his look’s trust me, everything about that man is perfect, but haven’t got the time to wright it all down.Yes he’s the man of my dream’s, but anyway for the girl’s who think Federar and Murray are hott, I have nothing against you, each is to there own. It would be a boring world if everyone had the same taste.

  292. S3 ... Says:


  293. tennisfan Says:

    The hot list:
    1. Juan Monaco (have you seen the body?)
    2. Jan Michael Gambill
    3. Roger Federer
    4. Fernando Gonzalez
    5. Novak Djokovic

  294. Lily Says:

    1. Haas
    2. Verdasco
    3. Safin (without facial hair)
    4. Gasquet
    5. Djokovic

    Nole isn’t really that great looking, but he’s reaaallly funny haha

  295. Matt Mallon Says:

    1. Andy Roddick (I could seriously look at his legs all day long)
    2. Janko Tipsarevic (when he’s not wearing those atrocious goggles)
    3. Robby Ginepri (all-American hottie, haha)
    4. Federer (so classy!)
    5. Nadal when he’s not enraged and picking his butt

  296. antoaneta Says:

    my new list

    1 Safin
    2 Gulbis
    3 Fererro
    4 Gonzalez
    5 Boleli
    prediction Gulbis will be new safin in look department

  297. judith Says:

    oh my gosh..im so happy to see gulbis on your list antoaneta..i like him, no, i love him too..right now, i only have two on my list. safin and gulbis..they both have a history of partying hard til morning and i somehow find that extremely sexy.especially with gulbis who seems so innocent and boyish!

  298. SARs* Says:

    Ma TOP5 are…

    NO. 5 ||> JUAN CARLOS FERRERO* (sexy player! he’s so cool!)
    NO. 4 ||> ROGER FEDERER* (he’s NO.1 but now NADAL ONLY~!!!)
    NO. 3 ||> NOVAK DJOKOVIC* (nice guy! his brother’s (Marko) also really nice hahaha~)
    NO. 2 ||> MARAT SAFIN* (russian’s so SEXY! he looks smart and sexy~ ya i love him >_ RAFAEL NADAL* (he’s so hot!!! & cool!!! I love his smile very much when i saw him in Olympic at Beijing, China…that’s so sweet…heavenly smile… he melted ma heart~hahaha and he has sexy ass tooooooo so HOT!!!)

  299. Vedrana Says:

    Balkan Boys are the best!
    1. Novak Djokvic
    2. Mario Ancic
    3. Janko Tipsarevic

  300. Mya Says:

    1) Janko Tipsarevic
    2) Janko Tipsarevic
    3) Janko Tipsarevic
    4) Janko Tipsarevic
    5) Janko Tipsarevic

  301. Supreme goddess Says:

    Marat safin 1) And the only one. I agree with some of the previous comment’s, saying that he make’s all other tennis player’s look like weedy little school boys, its true he does. So there’s only the beautiful, manly russian sexgod for me. The beauty, the power, and the intensity of that gorgeous, sexy, beast of a man just blows me away!! I love him..

  302. Sherri Says:

    Safin. No one else even comes close to this Russian beast. He is pure sex – with long hair, short hair, curly hair, crew cut, facial hair, clean shaven, wearing a shirt, no shirt – doesn’t matter. He is the hottest man I’ve seen both in and outside of tennis.

  303. Larissa Says:

    Very well said ladies, I completely agree, Marat Safin is definatly the hottest man alive. And i’m telling all the other women out there, you have not seen hot until you witness the beauty of this man. He is divine!!

  304. agnieszka Says:

    1. janko tipsarevic
    2. rafael nadal
    3. janko tipsarevic
    4. janko tipsarevic
    5. nikolay davydenko… sometimes haha

  305. zaza Says:

    Mine is

    1.Tommy Robredo
    2.David Ferrer
    3.Fernando Verdasco
    4.Lleyton Hewitt
    5.Eduardo Schwank

    Honorable Mention:
    Andy Murray
    Rafael Nadal
    Feliciano Lopez
    Richard Gasquet
    Ernest Gulbis
    Aahh…..who am I kidding…..
    They’re all are extremely HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. jewel Says:

    1.roger federer
    2.marat safin
    3.dmitry tursunov
    4.david ferrer
    5.tommy robredo

  307. Maria Says:

    I love me some sexy men. And Safin completes me on hottness department. He got the looks, the game, the temper, the humor, the charisma and so on. I guess we really dont have time enough to talk about his greatness. Man is a effing legend.

    Now back to some “normal” men

    Nadal …hello that a$$
    Guga…..aawww sweet smile..always
    wawrinka…cute as a teddy bear
    Ernest Gulbis…cute smile.

  308. Yali Says:

    elizabennet – I do not agree with all your opinons, but that may have been the linguistically best post I of all in this thread (considering that fact, I must also appreciate you choice of alias!). Seriously, the “Bonus points: cool name, insane humour, total lack of vanity, the I-party-when-I-want-to attitude, coach Hernan Gumy.”-part made me roll over with laughter (I wonder where we would end up if players and coaches had to come in packs? I guess Nadal wouldn’t be topping all lists anymore.. 😉 ) And the Roddick/Federer/Murray/Stepanek-dismissal is so spot on you want to dance around in circles.

    and Sannak, you are absolutely right about Nalbandian. The guy’s smile could melt a glacier.

  309. Jurgen Says:

    -Wayne Fereirra( becauce of the freckles !)
    -Andy roddick
    -Marat Safin
    -Mariano Puerta
    -Tim Henman(Also has freckles)

  310. Lisam Says:

    Here are my hotties!!!

    1. Nadal (what an ass)
    2. Safin
    3. Nole
    4. Blake
    5. Tsonga (coming into his own)

    HM–Feliciano Lopez

  311. Rosa Says:

    1. Patrick Rafter
    2.Jan Michael Gambil
    3.Roger Federer
    4.Juan Carlos Ferrero
    5. Novack Djokovic

  312. laura Says:

    Ohhh Janko! and, in a totally different way…Ohhhh Nole! 1-2? 2-1? luv ’em both as much. I’ve seen them a few times, up-close and personal (not personal enough though!), an they are both DDG.
    I know, I still need 3 more, so:
    3) Feli Lopez – simply amazing, could just model for a living. The legs, the eyes, the butt…wooow, mercy!
    4) Tie: Bolleli (belisimo!) and Ginepri..an Italian thing..mama mia!
    5) Verdasco – have you seen his Cosmo ‘au natural’ stint? Ole! and those eyes/mouth/nose..perfect features dipped in semi-dark chocolate..mmm!

    Ok, I gotta admit, lately I find myself enjoying Gilles Simon’s game..and cute face & smile. He is like a kitty-kat..I know, way too skinny, specially the legs. That’s why I just give him the cutsie honorable mention..meow!

  313. jacqueline Says:

    1. marat-d hottest hunk


    3.hewitt-must watched

    4.nadal-thursty bull

    5.murray-i must say coz he’s frm my country

  314. Kim Says:

    1. SAFIN – hotter than hot whatever he is doing; smashing racquets, laughing and joking, answering stupid questions with dry wit, ranting in slightly mixed up English with sexy Russian accent

    2. Federer – I’ve never really been sure why but it works for me, there are two sides to him- the dark and moody or the boyish charm and I love both; also for some reason I love to hear him speaking Swiss German (even though I don’t understand it)

    3. Tipsy – the glasses, the big beautiful eyes, the tats, the stubble, everything

    4. Ancic – just all round divinely cute

    5. Djokovic – charmer, (D)joker, wonderful sense of humour

    Below the top five, in no particular order:
    Rafa (just for the body)
    Tommy Haas (beautiful)
    Roddick (again, the body)
    Gilles Simon (gorgeous smile)

  315. Andrea Says:

    1. Rafa- LOL, I completely agree with the person who said “Greatest ass I’ve ever seen…. and I don’t even like asses…..” SO true. But it’s so much more than that also, he’s so humble and such a gentleman. And that smile makes me melt, omfg. Not to mention the sexy accent….
    2. Nole- Eyes, eyes, EYES! Personality, personality, PERSONALITY! Killer bod too.
    3. Fernando Gonzalez- Oooh Fernando’s also got those gorgeous eyes. He’s beautiful all around.
    4. Andy Roddick- He’s also got a great personality too.
    5. R-Fed- Yeah, not your typical hottie but such a sweet guy!

  316. Annie Says:

    a bit late with my list but hey…….better late than never!!!

    Safin with hair
    Feliciano Lopez
    N. Kiefer
    Nenad Zimonjic (dbls player – big and hot)
    Dimitry Tursunov
    Blake without hair
    Frank Dancevic – do look him up!

  317. Daniela Says:

    sssaaaaaaaaaaaaffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn even beaten he looks better then 99% of ATP,exept Gulbis

  318. hggg Says:


  319. George Says:

    Scoville Jenkins is such a hottie!

  320. Navihod Says:

    MARAT SAFIN # 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. lco Says:

    but mainly Verdasco all the way the other are ok

  322. dale A. Says:

    1. Rafa – boyish devastating smile, humility, brilliance and a butt to die for.
    2. David Ferrer – sheepish smile and mood swings on court..fire and ice all rolled in one, and those sexy sexy eyes
    3. Paul Henri Mathieu – doe eyes, lean ,toned body and cherub curls…and oh..a nasty forehand
    4. Mikhail Youzhny – adorable chin (makes me want to bite it every 10 seconds), naughty naughty eyes, impish grin and tho his body is toned, there’s a shadow of love handles on the sides
    5. Feli Lopez – oh what can i say…the guy’s a demi god….an uber delicious specimen of a man..and those glorious buns…..whew!!

  323. Roddick's Girl (aka Fatma) Says:

    Roddick All the way 😛

  324. tita Says:

    1.Tipsarevic – yummy..dark hair, dark eyes, beard, awesome tattoos…he is too cute, hot and he has the sexiest accent ever.
    2.Calleri – he’s very attractive and he has a truly gorgeous face
    3.Safin – sexy russian guy

  325. Nicole Says:

    1.) Safin–Safin is The Hot.
    2.) Tursunov — sexy eyes and that way he flirts with the camera? yum
    3.) Federer– ’nuff said.
    4.) Haas–could have been just as successful a model.
    5.) Djokovic, but more when he’s being funny than bratty.

  326. Nene Says:

    This was my list before:
    1. Lleyton Hewitt
    2. Mikhail Youzhny
    3. Feliciano Lopez
    4. Gaston Gaudio
    5. Viktor Troicki

    But I have to add Grigor Dimitrov!!! Goodbye Gaudio..
    1. Lleyton Hewitt
    2. Grigor Dimitrov
    3. Feliciano Lopez
    4. Mikhail Youzhny
    5. Viktor Troicki
    There. haha

  327. ana Says:

    simon’s cute……safin’s hot though…

  328. dickie g Says:

    1. Juan Monaco
    2. Grigor Dimitrov
    3. Feliciano Lopez
    4. Nicolas Kiefer
    5. Novak Djokovic

  329. lluvia Says:

    1. Novak Djokovic
    2. Marat Safin
    3. Feliciano Lopez
    4. Grigor Dimitrov
    5. Fernando Verdasco

  330. Mima Says:

    1. Novak Djokovic!
    Serbia’s all…
    And Roger, Nadal, Gonzalez…

  331. Dagon Says:

    definitely safin – he’s soooo hot, just absolutely gorgeous
    federer, because i love his hair and he’s such a gentleman
    nadal – has a great body and he’s so cute, like a kid in the studio even though he’s intense on the court
    tommy haas – adorable
    patrick rafter – love him and his game

    definitely not djokovic, i just can’t look past him being such a jerk

  332. Dagon Says:

    i can’t believe i forgot verdasco!!! he’s so hot, i must have lost my mind when i forgot him on my list

  333. ANonim Says:

    1 for ever-stan wawrinka(he is very hot i really like his nose)
    5-giles simon

    they are all very hot!!

  334. Daniela Says:


  335. Andreea Says:

    1- Tommy Haas
    2- Feliciano Lopez
    3- fernando Verdasco
    4- Fernando Gonzales
    5- Andy Roddick

  336. Miggie Says:

    1- Andy Murray
    2- Roger Federer
    3- Marat Safin
    4- Wawrinka
    5- Marcus Daniel

  337. Ken Says:

    1. Novak Djokovic
    2. Juan Martin Del Potro
    3. Marat Safin
    4. Dmitry Tursunov
    5. Thomas Muster forever and always!!

  338. Cat Says:

    Definately (in no order)…
    1) Robin Soderling
    2) Roger Federer
    3) Novak Djokovic
    4) Rafa Nadal
    5) Andy Roddick

  339. Sarah Says:

    1. Rafa Nadal
    2. Grigor Dimitrov
    3. Guillermo Garcia Lopez
    4. Andy Roddick
    5. Paul Henri-Mathieu

  340. Andre Says:

    1.Rafael Nadal – nice body, nice butt, nice person
    2.Tommy Haas – very good looking
    3.Fernando Verdasco – cosmo wow
    4.Fabio Fognini – purely delicious
    5.Felician Lopez – another spaniard, yummy
    6.Nicolas Kiefer – another german
    7.Simone Bolelli – one more italian
    8.Patrick Rafter – will always be gorgeous
    9.Pat Cash – best legs in mens tennis
    10.Michael Youzhny – sexy russion

  341. Hernan Gumy Says:

    Hernan Gumy…

    Forget the GOATs for a sec and let’s talk about the HOATs. My top 5 in no particular order to […]…

  342. Ross Says:

    Novak Djokovic
    Fernando Verdasco
    Andy Roddick
    Gilles Simon
    Marat Safin

    All at the same time, preferably 😛

  343. Kendra Says:

    1. Fernando Verdasco
    2. Tommy Haas
    3. Dimitry Tursunov
    4. Mischa Zverev
    5. Tsonga

  344. Bex Says:

    Despite him being a bit on the young side, I’m developing a rather worrying obsession with Grigor Dimitrov 🙂

  345. Fiona Says:

    In no particular order…

    Lleyton Hewitt
    Jo-Wilfred Tsonga
    Tommy Haas
    Marat Safin
    Stanislas Wawrinka

  346. Rafafan Says:

    1 Robredo
    2 Korolev

    3 Nadal
    4 Djokovic
    5 Haas

  347. Chitenis Says:

    Ok, i have a couple of lists!

    Spanish speaking players:

    1) Feliciano Lopez
    2) Juan Monaco
    3) Tommy Robredo
    4) Rafa Nadal
    5) JM Del Potro / David Ferrer / Nicolas Massu (tie)

    Up and coming players:
    1) Troicki
    2) Petzschner
    3) Chardy
    4) Fognini

    1) Haas / Safin
    2) Gasquet / Nadal
    3) Robredo / Federer
    4) Lopez / Monaco
    5) Blake / Hewitt

  348. sara Says:

    1.andy roddick (once voted people’s mag sexiest athlete alive n yea sure he is )
    2.marat safin
    3.juan carlos ferrero
    4.tommy robredo
    5.giles simmon

  349. Molly :) Says:

    Marat Mikhailovich Safin.

    Safin is the reason there’s a HOAT poll.

    He’s the reason 50% of women go to tennis tournaments even they’re not really into the sport. (Well I might not be accurate, I’m exaggerating, but there’s are women like that) (And the reason ATP is teeming with money with fine money coming from him. :))

    Win or lose, fans love him. Even if he sends balls flying their way. (He overturned Aussies when he won AO 2005 against Aussie Hewitt. Ah, such is the charm of Marat…)

    Whatever his hairstyle is,
    Being upset,
    talking to himself,
    berating umpires,
    his deadly backhand down the line,

    and when Safin loses it, it’s either

    racquet breaking,
    chair breaking,
    racquet eating,
    pulling his shorts down or anything outrageous,

    and most especially he doesn’t put himself in a pedestal. Although we’re the ones who put him there. He’s very gentlemanly, and a sport too. (I remember when he hit an net official, he kissed the old lady afterwards) Very professional. Fan-friendly. Enigmatic.

    And he doesn’t need the six-pack abs to look manly. It’s effortless for him. He’s such a natural he trumps everyone in the tour!

    He is HOAT. Not just in tennis, maybe of the whole world as well.

    Not just physical, but his wit too. I read his interviews, and sometimes I am just dumbfounded by his words (he was very mature at 18 to boot). I find him the most intellectual person on sports. Although it is given that almost no one is impressively smart in that category, I believe that he’s way too wise than me. (I am a BS IT student) I will never forget Marat’s one-liners. Classic.


    It’s sad that he’s going to retire though. Tennis will never be the same without Safin.

    Sorry for being so dramatic, guys. 🙂

  350. DarkLady Says:

    I compiled the HOAT poll for ya! I had nothing to do as I was bored, so the results are here, I’m not sure if they’re totally right, but you can figure out who won…

    TOP 10

    Safin 180
    Djokovic, Novak 128
    Nadal, Rafael 107
    Tipsarevic 78
    Roddick 76
    Federer 71
    Haas 53
    Lopez, Feliciano 50

    Blake 43
    Verdasco 39
    Gasquet 38
    Tursunov 30
    Ferrer 29
    Gonzalez 29
    Rafter 26
    Ancic 25
    Ferrero 25
    Robredo 24
    Hewitt 22
    Youzhny 22
    Moya 21
    Tsonga 21
    Ginepri 15
    Gulbis 15
    Clement 14
    Kiefer 13
    Monaco 13
    Mathieu 12
    Simon 11
    Wawrinka 11
    Murray, Andrew 9
    Nalbandian 9
    Gambill 8
    Canas 7
    Dancevic 7
    Philippousis 7
    Andreev 6
    Berdych 6
    Bolelli 6
    Calleri 6
    Chardy 6
    Davydenko 6
    Dimitrov 6
    Sampras 6
    Eysseric 5
    Gaudio 5
    Troicki 5
    Bryan, Bob 4
    Bryan, Mike 4
    Delic 4
    Grosjean 4
    Gumy 4
    Isner 4
    Monfils 4
    Patience 4
    Volandri 4
    Acasuso 3
    Agassi 3
    Borg 3
    Coria 3
    Del Potro 3
    Enqvist 3
    Guga 3
    Hartfield 3
    Johansson 3
    Kuerten 3
    Nieminen 3
    Seppi 3
    Baghdatis 2
    Benneteau 2
    Bozoljac 2
    Edberg 2
    Fognini 2
    Henman 2
    Ivanisevic 2
    Jenkins 2
    Lendl 2
    Malisse 2
    Martin 2
    McEnroe, John 2
    Murray, Jamie 2
    Muster 2
    Rios 2
    Rochus 2
    Sanchez 2
    Santoro 2
    Schwank 2
    Srichaphan 2
    Young 2
    Zimonjic 2
    Becker 1
    Bjorkman 1
    Bruguera 1
    Brzezicki 1
    Cash 1
    Chang 1
    Cilic 1
    Corretja 1
    Courier 1
    Daniel 1
    Devilder 1
    Djokovic, Marko/Djorde 1
    Falla 1
    Feliciano 1
    Fereira 1
    Hidalgo 1
    Hsun 1
    Kendrick 1
    Kohlschreiber 1
    Korolev 1
    Ljubicic 1
    Llodra 1
    Lopez, Guillermo 1
    Massu 1
    Mirnyi 1
    Mischa 1
    Nadal, Tony 1
    Petzschner 1
    Queery 1
    Puerta 1
    Schuettler 1
    Soderling 1
    Sousa 1
    Starace 1
    Vicente 1
    Washington 1
    Waske 1
    Wilander 1
    Zabaleta 1
    Zverev 1
    Unknown 1

    Well, including me. Safin got my vote. The numbers tell. But I’m puzzled by Tipsarevic…. and Federer. He’s not exactly hot, but just the most accomplished tennis player, right?

    • Cheri Says:

      Thanks for all the work Darklady, you know what puzzles me is Djokovic??? really ? Hot?
      And I am shocked that Verdasco is not at the top also…

      And I do think that there is something to us women liking the bad boy hence the #1 spot consumed by Safin…e

  351. zouzou Says:

    well said safinette!!!
    i would put almost the same thing as you:
    1) marat safin shirtless
    2)marat safin angry
    3)marat safin speaking russian
    4)marat safin smiling
    5)marat safin speaking spanish
    100000) marat safin
    marat safin , what else?

  352. legs akimbo Says:

    The only man capable of bringing Planet Earth to collective multiple orgasms is MARAT SAFIN. Thank you, Dark Lady, for performing such a vital public service

  353. meee Says:

    1. Nicolas Kiefer
    2. James Blake
    3. Fernando Verdasco
    4. Dmitri Tursunov

  354. meee Says:

    oh and DELIC

  355. andel Says:

    1. Verdasco!!!!
    2. Tsonga
    3. F. Gonzalez
    4. Ferrer

  356. chirper Says:

    1- Gilles Simon (so cute)
    2- Andy Murray (there’s something about him)
    3- Marin Cilic 🙂
    4- Marat Safin (is it just me or does he get hotter when he’s angry)
    5- Del Potro (strong!!)

    Honourable mentions- Federer, Nadal, and Roddick

  357. Cheri Says:

    Nadal…. R U Kidding me that he is not at the top of each list!!!
    Marat will always be up there, us girls like our Bad boys…
    Fernando Verdasco, oh my, oh yes…. yummmmm
    Blake but I do wish he would grow some hair back but just pure gorgeous anyway….
    Robby Ginepri, mmmmm, loverly
    Carlos Moya…
    oh and last but not least the strong quiet type Rainer Schuettler

  358. elo8 Says:

    no order, depends on the mood :
    Fernando GONZALEZ (eyes, smile)
    Fernando VERDASCO (hot)
    Mario ANCIC (cute)
    Jeremy CHARDY (french)
    Rafael NADAL (the best on court)

    Runners : bolleli, simon, coria, kendrick, tsonga, guga, spaniards in general, berdych

  359. Cami Says:

    1. marin cilic – sweet-sexy
    2. juan carlos ferrero – serious-sexy
    3. gilles simon – grumpy-sexy
    4. janko tipsarevic- brooding-sexy
    5. roger federer – classy-sexy

    • Erwin Says:

      Hmm, so do we think that Gilles Simon will fill the void left by Marat Safin?!

      • Cami Says:

        Yes we do 🙂
        I like Simon’s “I am French, sophisticated, and tennis is just one of my many sophisticated pursuits” grumpiness much more than Marat’s “I am Russian, break rackets and that’s pretty much it” grumpiness. Marat is soooo 2005 🙂

        But for all Marat’s fans out there, I would just like to say: I understand 😉

  360. Cami Says:

    oh, no I forgot about ernests gulbis!!! how could I? delicious! so smart and funny…(sigh). such a shame he’s been losing lately…would love to see more of him! 😀

  361. jane Says:

    1 – Federer
    2 – Federer
    3 – Federer
    4 – Federer
    5 – Safin

  362. Chan Says:

    1. Andy Roddick-The most adorable thing that ever lived. That smile…*dies*
    2. Roger Federer
    3. Marat Safin
    4. Pete Sampras
    5. Bejorn Borg

  363. Diane Says:

    1. Rafa Nadal. Head and shoulders above anyone else.
    2. Fernando Verdasco
    3. Marat Safin
    4.David Ferrer
    5. Novak Djokovic
    then, in real order,
    Nicolas Massu, Fernando Gonzales, Tommy Robredo, Granollers, Gilles Simon, JW Tsonga,
    Face it. This sport is full of hotness. A couple of epic fails: Stepanek, Murray, and Federer. Ick cubed.

  364. Andre Says:

    1. Rafael Nadal – always!
    2. Fernando Verdasco
    3. Tommy Haas
    4. Patrick Rafter
    5. Pat Cash

  365. mgasol Says:

    1. Juan Martin Del Potro
    2. Novak Djokovic
    3. Roger Federer
    4. Rafael Nadal
    5. Marat Safin

  366. Crosson Says:

    Amazing post, keep it up….

  367. Nikki Says:

    1. Janko Tipsarevic (violentely handsome…)
    2. Fernando Verdasco (he’s just too gorgeous)

  368. Loony Says:

    1. Marat Safin 🙂
    2. …
    3. …
    4. …
    5. …
    >>>>>>>> everybody else

  369. Sappy Says:

    Always, Maratik, number ONE!!! Safin!

  370. Lara Says:

    Gulbis is not properly sorted! 15 votes are just TOO little.
    So, here’s my list.
    1. Ernests Gulbis (Fresh, adorable, curly, athletic!)
    2. Robin Soderling (Oh so charming! Also has a great body!)
    3. Roger Federer (Gentleman indeed).
    4. Marat Safin (Not my type, but I can’t argue he’s hot)
    5. Gilles Simon (Ain’t he cute!)

    My last words : You’ll see a lot of Erno this year! 😛

    Cheers folks! 🙂

  371. Lee Says:

    I’m just shock, shock, shock that Tommy Robredo isn’t on the Top 10 list. He is a dream boat.


  372. monic Says:

    Verdasco is a Latin hottie !!

  373. colin Says:

    1 Youzhny

    2 Haas

    3 Roddick

    4 Soderling

    5 Safin

  374. Reidhead Says:

    Hey thanks for the info, I didnt know about his before. Im going to go check out google for some more information

  375. Jayo Says:

    thanks a lot of for content

  376. weena Says:

    Novak Djokovic
    Jeremy Chardy
    Feliciano Lopez
    Tommy Robredo
    Gilles Simon

    pls. let me have 6 picks Juan Carlos Ferrero

  377. Hiller Says:

    Your site has always been the best source provided the subjects discussed. I regularly discover myself returning back and searching for much more things. Not sure where you discover all this information, nevertheless it really is wonderful. Many thanks!

  378. kep Says:

    1. Feliciano Lopez
    2. Tommy Robredo
    3. Fernando Verdasco
    4. Fabio Fognini
    5. Juan Monaco
    6. Arnaud Clement
    7. Marat Safin
    8. Potito Starace
    9. Thomaz Bellucci
    10. David Ferrer

  379. KJR Says:

    1 – Rafter
    2 – Rafter
    3 – Rafter
    4 – Federer
    5 – & did I mention, Rafter?

  380. CORBIN Says:

    This is a great site.
    My list:
    1 Fernando Gonzalez
    2 Arnaud Clement
    3 Nicolas Kiefer
    4 Baghdatis
    5 Blake
    6 Roddick
    7 Youzhny
    8 Verdasco
    9 Ferrer
    10 Federer

  381. Ty O Says:

    My Top guys:
    Feliciano Lopez, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Tommy Robredo
    – but my number 1 forever
    Roger Federer – LOVE HIM! X

  382. Alannis Says:

    I’m probably right saying that de cuttest tennis player this days is the chilean Fernando Gonzalez… he’s so good looking, has beautiful eyes and amazing legs!

    1.Fernando Gonzalez
    2.Arnaud Clement
    3.Filippo Volandri
    4.Feliciano Lopez
    5.Tommy Haas

  383. Matías Says:

    Los hombres tambien podemos opinar de los tenistas mas atractivos no?

    Me atrevo a decir que Rafa Nadal es horroroso, tiene cara de mono, pero tiene el mejor trasero de todo el circuito

    Arnaud Clement es bajito pero esquisiiito.. me lo como enterito

    Feliciano Lopez parece modelo mas que tenista, lindo lindo…

    Los Alemanes Kiefer y Haas son estupendos!

    Lastima que los argentinos no son tan lindos, digo lastima porque solo Gaudio representa bien a mi pais, y Pico Monaco tiene un forrazo de cuerpo, pero debo debo decir que los chilenos son bastante hermosos
    mis favoritos Fernando Gonzalez y Nicolás Massu (hermosos ojos)

    Mis top 5:

    -Arnaud Clement
    -Fernando Gonzalez
    -Nicolas Kiefer
    -Nicolás Massú
    -Marat Safin

  384. jack42 Says:

    my top five is –
    patrick rafter
    patrick rafter
    patrick rafter

  385. andrea Says:

    1. Patrick Rafter
    2. Andy Roddick

    nobody else ;o)

  386. Kim Says:

    1. Rafa
    2. Rafa
    3. Rafa
    4. Rafa
    5. Rafa

  387. yo Says:

    1:Juan Martín del Potro
    2:Juan Martín del Potro
    3:Juan Martín del Potro
    4:Juan Martín del Potro
    5:Juan Martín del Potro


  388. w Says:

    1 Marat Safin
    2 Pat Rafter
    3 Andy Roddick
    4 Roger Federer
    5 Rafael Nadal

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    be forward of Mexico in the contender stakes.

  390. KassiaM Says:

    Od jutra rozpoczynam odchudzanie, kto sie odchudza ze mna? Nie bedzie lekko ale trzeba sie wziac za siebie. Mam juz dobry plan na chudniecie, wszyscy ktorzy sa chetni proponuje zaczac od wipisania w google – xxally radzi jak szybko schudnac

  391. Loren Macbride Says:

    Nice content admin.

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