richard pagliaro: serena’s oz open outfit



Richard Pagliaro‘s Tennis Week blog revealed the Nike outfit fashionista Serena Williams will wear for the 2008 Australian Open. The outfit: a “one-piece, white tunic-style dress adorned with royal purple accents over a pair of purple lycra biker shorts”. Biker shorts. Wow. The 80s really are back! And in case you’ve forgotten…


Okay, so her use of lycra is more tasteful than Andre Agassi‘s. Props to her for pushing the envelope. She explained her design philosophy to Pagliaro:

“I want to look different. I’m OK if I have to wear a fabric that’s not your basic nylon and spandex. Let’s mix it up, try different fabrics. If I’m slightly uncomfortable, that’s OK. I’m usually able to play through it.”

And play through it she has. Remember that peksy bow on her U.S. Open dress? Friggin’ tore that shit off when it started bothering her.

We can’t wait to see white/purple outfit in action. In our minds, her 2007 Aussie Open look was the best of the year, so let’s hope the ’08 lives up.

Also, I wonder if there will be a “night” outfit?

BTW, Pagliaro was part of a small group of journalists who, while in town to cover the Davis Cup finals, took a trip to Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. for a sneak peek (how jealous are we?!) of the Aussie Open outfits and shoes to be worn by Nike’s stable of players, including Roger, Rafa, and Masha.

(Serena pics via; Agassi pics via BBC and CBC)

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7 Responses to “richard pagliaro: serena’s oz open outfit”

  1. killervirgo Says:

    I wondering if she is moving away from the green colored outfits because the court surface color has changed? Should she even wear purple considering that it will be summer in Australia?

  2. Erwin Says:

    She wore purple in Miami this past March. Took her all the way to a title. Also, the outfit is more white than purple, so as far as heat goes, she should be okay.

  3. killervirgo Says:

    Has she worn other colors other than white and green at the Australian? If my memory is correct, I just remember various shades of green and white.

  4. b Says:

    I like it but wish the dress were a different colour….. and the shorts darker….. and perhaps shorter….. and dark purple dress with perhaps shrter shorts or same length black lycra would have been interesting…. of simply non shiny lycra

    I like the bodice design.

    Last year’s neon green dress was truly fantastic and well-accesorized.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hey, What year did Serena start wearing Nike and what was the first outfit (was it the Orange Denim miniskirt or the Black dress withe round metal buttons on it?)? I have a bet going with someone and i need to know. Also, if there is a site showing pictures of her in Nike outfits through the years. let me know: Thanx!

  6. Erwin Says:

    Serena first started wearing Nike in 2004. She was supposed to make her debut at the Hopman Cup

    but her recovery from knee surgery took longer than expected, so she didn’t appear on the WTA calendar until Miami. She beat Elena Dementieva in the final wearing an all-white outfit (sleeveless tank and hot pants).

  7. Doug Messenger Says:


    You’ve disappeared.

    Call me.


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