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Though his scrambling effort just wasn’t enough, we’re giving Gael Monfils another day in the TSF spotlight with kudos to that bod. Looks like the Frenchman has been hitting the gym. If anything, the perennial top 20 player will be back in 2010 as a threat at the must-be-in-good-shape Aussie, and – of course – at the grueling French Open.

What Dolphins fan sported a visor in the stands yesterday on Ashe? Check it out after the jump.

Williams-Venus-USO-DolphinsVenus watched sister Serena advance to the semifinals under an orange Miami glow. The two are still in doubles and play in quarterfinal action today.

(photos via Yahoo! Sports)

One Response to “another peek”

  1. Tennis This Says:

    After Serena won, I caught wind that the sisters are partial owners of the Miami Dolphins. That’s weird. Anyway, the Monfils vs. Nadal match was a good one in the first two sets, but then it was just a walk over for Nadal. It was almost boring to watch. On the other hand, Murray’s poor showing was entertaining. Can’t wait for Oudins match tonight!

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